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Saturday, March 27, 2010

#51~ Nominate Annette Whittemore for CNN 2010 HERO

Welcome to pretties...♥♥♥

OK, Now that we in the northern hemisphere are all getting cheerie 
cuz Spring is here, it's time to finish a project I started at the end of last year...
Back then I was ahead of myself...I guess. Who knew ?

Many of us for the last 25 or so years, many from all over the world have been
frustrated because in the USA the CDC has been either ignoring us 
or mis-naming our illness or using OUR research monies for OTHER projects...

the list goes on and on.. and in the UK they have their own list of abuses and insults by their 
Ministers of Health also and the psychos of the med world that have been given orders to 
corral us like they were part of the cast of "New Moon"...LOL

NO, we don't have the Yuppie Flu, or we are NOT just lazy and tired all the time, and 
YES we have TRIED "Every" blessed test, pill, supplement and therapy you have subjected us to....
well....NO MORE..     You are abusing us NO MORE...

GOT IT ???  We're DONE. We found some REAL Dr's & Scientists that CARE and Honor their Hippocratic Oath.

No, it is NOT "just Chronic" Epstein-Barr Virus, 
No, it is NONE of the many things you tried to pin on us.. 
We are NOT your little voodoo dolls to be pricked poked and
exercised and GET/CBT to the grave and until we are ready to SCREAM....

You have already killed enough of us.. made enough of us GO Crazy cuz of your YEARS of ignoring us, insulting us and abusing the point of PTSD.
We became even afraid to come back and have an appt. with you....
THAT IS VERY Pathetic !!! and in fact, probably criminal....tbd later.

Years of making Families FIGHT in Court to Keep their children because YOU were too lazy to do the REAL research to find out what they REALLY had....Dr. Bell has it ALL documented.

You have given WAY too many of us PTSD from YEARS of unending abuse...
when we trusted you with our very LIVES... we even Paid YOU to help us..

Want a few examples to SEE We're NOT joking or exaggerating at all?  OK.
"NO problem"... we have videos and lists... 25 year's worth..... Here's one of each...

There has also been MANY online advocates that have worn themselves out
or been threatened with additional harassment to the point that the added stress made them stand down for their own health and there is one I would like to
Make sure they KNOW we miss them and I hope they see this video making the rounds... 
and thanks to the creator for speaking for us *Hugs*

One last page I would like to list is a memoriam page for all of those (that we KNOW of) that have passed on before us because of this TOO LONG Ignored 
illness...Here is a short list we have been able to compile from our beds
being the lazy people we are.... 

Thank You Andrea Martell for putting this BRC4ME site together.

Blue Ribbon 4ME Memorial Site

So FINALLY a New Millennium has arrived and YES even a New Decade and we even have NOW 
our VERY OWN Institute started because as the old movie Network said 
"I'm mad as HE**, and I'm NOT going to take it any more."

So this courageous woman and mother became Founder and President
of an Institute "devoted" to ignoring all of the nay-sayers ALL OVER THE WORLD,
and with a single-minded purpose established a non-profit organization in the USA called a 501C3 and teamed up with the University of Reno negotiating for some grants and room to get started using their lab years before "their building" was even started or a shovel turned.... and Voila ! 

We HAVE the

Whittemore-Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease<--Mouse OVER for WPI Link.

by jiggers.... someone I think that's really "got it" !!!! They UNDERSTAND ♥♥♥

And here is a little background history for those that haven't been with us here
for the last few years, a video, so you can meet the other participating partners
helping DO the Research and flip all the switches backstage like the Wizard of Oz.
and KEEP in Mind that this was "just 2 years ago" and NOW already
they have "accomplished Scientific HISTORY" published in Science magazine
regarding the 3rd HUMAN Retrovirus XMRV with a link to CFS ...
...and Seriously ... The Do NOT even HAVE their OWN LAB YET folks....think about it...seriously.. THAT takes Dedication !!!
They are still building it.. So this is cutting edge and they NEED
Research AND Building Fund Raising so they can provide EVERYTHING
you will HEAR in these 2 videos, OK? Thanks.....

Part #1~

Part #2~

Their website even says on their front page....
"NOT for the lazy buggers" BUT

“The Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro Immune Disease exists to bring discovery, knowledge, and effective treatments to patients with illnesses that are caused by acquired dysregulation of both the immune system and the nervous system, often resulting in life long disease and disability.”

May they be Blessed by Every God by Every Name..... 

And especially the LADY, the Mother, the Woman that is it's Leader 
and Face to the World for us..... Annette Whittemore... 

OUR HERO for 28 million people worldwide.....

That IS.....SO Far..........more testing to determine actual totals


 I started early at the end of last year and asked on Facebook who would like to 
Join me and Name her Mother of the YEAR for 2010 and the number of Facebook
members that joined in was amazing....

NOW I see there is this CNN 2010 HERO Contest and I said... well...
She OUR HERO...absolutely not even ONE question about THAT....
So Let's get cracking mates and get this BRAVE Lady that has stood UP
for ALL of us "Far AND Wide", has Campaigned in Washington DC for us.
Has spoken in front of the CFSAC meeting for us... If there is ANYTHING
she could/can do for us she would and WILL... make NO Bones about that....

So let's ALL Join together and FILL OUT Those CNN 2010 HERO Forms and 
Help get her OFFICIALLY  Named the 2010 HERO, OK?

Remember it's NOT just for us, but for the Millions that have already gone on
ahead of us, and those that will come after us... we MUST DO OUR PART
as she has done her's... to also Help Bring more Publicity to our illness
and Research monies via the PR to WPI to help our cause....

HELP ME Nominate her for CNN 2010 Person of the Year !!! by using this link:

For this contest PLEASE use the WPI contact info for her address and phone and email, as she IS the President there, they can contact her thru the Admin offices there...OK?

If needed her Birthday is April 26, 1952.
For the forms: contact info....

Annette Whittemore
Whittemore Peterson Institute
6600 N Wingfield Pkwy
Sparks, NV 89436
(775) 348-2335

Annette's Pres. message from

I think the rest of you KNOW how to express how what she has done and how it has changed our lives this year 'so far' after waiting 25 years for the CDC
or "someone" to do SomeTHING... we...can NOW with this little thing to try in some small way to THANK Her..
For the FIRST TIME after ALL of these years.. HER WORK has not only given us a medical reason to undertand WHY SO many of us have different symptoms YET "just how" they ALL fit together and WHY. 
NOW we can see HOW BIG our Family of sufferers REALLY is....
There is even some PROOF that XMRV is also a source of Gulf War Syndrome.. So the soldiers have fought for the country, and then come home and "Join US" and fight this INSULT, especially in the way the Medical Profession.... EVEN those at the Veteran's Admin. has been mistreating the military that already given above and beyond.... 

Annette is as BRAVE and any Soldier... She IS OUR Hero !!!
She WILL Fight THIS WAR.... until this WAR is WON...and you KNOW there is NO Question about THAT... no reason to even question it.
Can you at least Help our Cause by Nominating her for this 
Worldwide Honor and THIS is a Worldwide Illness ???

YOU know she is deserving and has been ALREADY Fighting right there
in the trenches along with us.. in fact, she was OUT THERE when we were stuck in bed...and couldn't get out into the trenches.. 

Bless you and "Thank YOU" for Helping us Nominate
such a Loving Worthy Humble Deserving Lady and Mother to US all....

We all LOVE you Annette and everyone at WPI......♥♥♥♥♥  
You have "Inspired US" and Given us back our HOPE 
that was LOST and forgotten for SO many years!!