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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

#46~ HERO of the YEAR - charity & research

As we end~ this 1st decade of this new 
millennium I would like to Dedicate this
last blog to a Charitable Organization
that has been the Source of MUCH
HOPE and Research News during this 
last year.... They get my 
"HERO for 2009" Award.... the 
Whittemore Peterson Institute
located on the campus of the University
of Nevada at Reno. 

Within the last 4 years "from an idea 
to formation" to doing actual
*Ground Breaking Research* solely with 
Private donations and grants has been 
nothing short of a Miracle for "more than"
28 Million people Worldwide.. that 
suffer from neuro-immune diseases
and have been "be-littled" and told these
illnesses were "all in their head" 
for YEARS.

The WPI's discovery of the link between
ME/CFS and XMRV- the ONLY 3rd known 
Retrovirus to effect humans, has effects 
and ramifications that HAVE YET to be felt
and dealt with around the world. 
EVERY Countries' BLOOD SUPPLY needs 
to be "screened" for this, ASAP !!! just 
like they are for HIV, the last retrovirus 
discovered that also effected 
immune systems.

I watched the online webcast of the 
NIH- CFSAC meeting at the end of Oct
and cried with Joy and Validation along 
with 400 others from around the world 
as we bonded LIVE via Facebook...
We even, for those that could not 
view RealPlayer, had to do a sports-like
play by play report of what was taking 
place. We watched Dr. Peterson's 
Presentation and Annette Whittemore's
Testimony on behalf of the millions
of us that have suffered with it for 
over 20 years , not to forget the many
that have already passed away because
they could not take any longer the 
disgrace & stigma the CDC has labeled
us with and the financial & emotional
ruin this has caused many families...

Dr Bell's testimonies of what families
that had young children with this and 
their families went they as they could 
NOT Dr's to validate their illness and 
thus cause the families to resort to be
submitted to the Family Social Service 
System and go to Court to be able to 
even KEEP their own children, was just
literally appalling...and took some
families UP to 10 YEARS to settle
these cases... THIS HAS to STOP NOW !
In the USA this is a Total disgrace.

I am chosing this time also to write 
this particular blog topic, in memory of 
my stepdad that at the end of the year
always wrote out all of his donations to
charities that he wanted to donate to that it could be listed as a 
"charitable deduction" on his taxes before 
the end of the calendar year.. 

I would like to Remind those of you in 
the USA that the WPI "is" a 501c3
and qualifies for such deductions..
If you ONLY give to one charity this year
I BEG YOU Please Give to WPI....

I will share with you Now the letter from
Annette Whittemore as this year ends..
and then I will give you info about where
you can send in your charitable donation
to a Place that has already done SO MUCH 
for the Spirits and Hopes of SO Many ♥

Bless Dr Peterson for all of his YEARS
of help and support and persistence
to help find a cure for ME/CFS folks..

Bless Mr. & Mrs. Whittemore for chosing
to "back him" and help FORM "WPI."
and deal with all of the legalities to 
form the 501c3.

Bless Dr Judy Mikovits for coming to 
work for WPI and dedicating her life
and energies to research to help us.


Letter from Annette Whittemore

December 19, 2009

Dear Friends,

On behalf of all of us at the Whittemore 

Institute, I hope this holiday season finds 
well. While 2009 has been challenging for 
so many of us, this year saw unprecedented 
progress at WPI: progress that would not 
have been possible without you.

The unquestioned highlight is our joint 

discovery of a retrovirus, XMRV, in 
patients with chronic ME/CFS. 
Through collaboration with the National 
Cancer Institute and the Clinic, 
Dr. Judy Mikovits and her research 
colleagues were able to discover this 
retroviral link. Our findings were 
published in Science, one of the world’s 
leading journals. This groundbreaking 
research has been reported around the 
world. You may have seen our coverage 
in the New York Times or The Wall Street 
Journal, or seen or heard it on 
Good Morning America or 
National Public Radio.

This discovery will lead to diagnostic 

tools using reliable biomarkers of disease,
and is a major step toward identifying 
drug therapies, and potentially a vaccine.
Laboratory testing for XMRV has already
been made available to patients. 
We have been overwhelmed with words
of support and encouragement from 
patients around the world who have a 
new hope, and a very real validation 
of their suffering:

“I had the honor and excitement of 

watching the live broadcast of the NIH 
presentation of your research... I quietly 
cheered as Mrs. Whittemore gave her 
speech about the sufferings of those of 
us with ME/CFS. Thank you so much for 
your bravery and persistence in fighting 
this disease.”
Kristi H.

“I do not have words to thank you for 

the work you have done. It has now 
been 30 years since I fell ill and I truly 
never thought I would see the day 
this terrible knot was untied.”
Christina M.

This discovery has brought worldwide 

attention to WPI, and to the University 
of Nevada School of Medicine, our home. 
Next summer we will be moving into 
the new Center for Molecular Medicine: 
a move that will expand our research 
capacity as well as opportunities to 
collaborate with other great researchers 
and institutions. You can see the new 
building taking shape on the Nevada 
campus right here in Reno.

Our 5th annual "I Hope You Dance" 

fundraiser was a great success, and 
guests heard a moving preview of the
XMRV discovery from one of our friends 
and scientific advisors, Dr. Carl Ware of 
the La Jolla Institute of Allergy and 
Immunology. That we have partners the 
caliber of Dr. Ware is a testament to the 
high quality of the work at WPI. 
That we have reached this level of respect
in such a short time is a testament to the
generosity of people like you.

There are millions of Americans suffering 

from ME/CFS, a debilitating acquired disease 
that often leaves its sufferers too ill to 
leave home; alone and without a source 
of income or health insurance they begin 
to lose hope that a better day will come. 
Countless others around the world suffer 
from diseases such as MS, autism and 
fibromyalgia without treatments for the 
underlying causes of their disease. 
Our research is literally changing the field 
and expanding the network of researchers 
and clinicians who want to help further this work.

Although we have accomplished much 
this past year it is only the beginning of 
our quest for answers to neuro-immune 
diseases such as ME/CFS, autism, MS, 
fibromyalgia and others that affect both 
the brain and the immune system.

The word is out about WPI and we have 

the focus of hope for so many patients who 
have longed for the proper diagnosis and 
care of their conditions.

“Thank you from a grateful CFS patient. 

I am a single Mom who has suffered from 
CFS for 18 years. It has left me frequently 
bedridden, unable to work and dependent on 
Social Security for most of this time. 
My children, family, and I have hoped and 
prayed for such a find for all of these years.”
Ann S.

Now, you can join me in this vital 

groundbreaking work which is being done 
right here in Northern Nevada. 
Doctors and patients, the world over, are 
watching and waiting. We are thankful to 
friends like you to help make this vision come
true for the countless patients who suffer.

Thank you for thinking of us as we end a truly

productive and thrilling year. I wish you and 
yours peace, health and happiness today, 
and as we look to the year ahead.

Annette Whittemore
Founder and President 

PLEASE Share this article with any of
your friends that have a neuro-immune
illness and any of your friends that
still need to make their year end 
charitable donations made in time..OK?

Simply click on the WPI link and 
it will take you to their website
and the page on which you may
Donate via Paypal and it also has
their address in case you wish to 
write a check and mail it to them..
This will also give you a chance to 
check out their website and read
about all of the research they 
are working on..


Since the WPI has brought the 
"feeling of the Sun" back into many 
of our Lives.. I dedicate this song to 
them  to represent this coming year...

Bless you ALL and may we ALL have 
a Happy Healthier next Decade !!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

#45~ Happy Holidays and More CDC bad news

*Report finds "Poor Ethics" 
policing at CDC*
By MIKE STOBBE (AP) - 18 hours ago
(see link below)

Many of us have "ALREADY" known about 
this with regards to ME/CFS,  "and" I am 
Glad that maybe with our CFSAC meetings
a little more light has been shed on the 
shananigans that have been running
rampant at the CDC for WAY TOO LONG
now... I will ONLY be giving you tidbits
of this article to wet your whistle as a 
Promo teaser so as NOT to abuse any
© infringements, AND because I want
you to read the article, OK?

I feel after you read this article I HOPE
it will motivate you to WRITE those letters
we have been talking so long about to 
President Obama with CC: to ....
Sec. Sebilius of HHS, the Surgeon General,
Your Federal Senate & House Reps, Your
State Governor, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn.

Please also remember the "shadie" 
History of the CDC that has ALREADY 
been documented AND "investigated by 
Congressional hearings and the GAO" 
and reported in the Osler's Web Blog....
In case you forgot or Never Read the 
corrupt history please read THIS First
then the New article from yesterday, OK?

 and now on to some article tidbits:

"The government's top public health 
frequently failed to police its outside 
experts for conflicts of interest
according to a new government report 
released Friday."

"The report concluded that the CDC 
failed follow-up with some of the
experts who disclosed potential 
85 because of jobs or grants, 
28 with stock ownership and 
13 who received consulting fees."

Ok, that's all I can tempt you with...
but please read the other History FIRST
and then read this "in context" so you
can see that this is NOT a new issue
and WHY the entire CDC needs a 
HUGE OverHaul... 

So that the Interests of ALL USA citizens 
and the rest of the world that pays 
attention to what the USA does... 
Will be based on  REAL Honest, 
non-corrupted opinions based
ONLY in Science.. not kick-backs.

That is a BIG part of WHY we have ALL
respected SO MUCH the recent research
done by Whittemore Peterson Institute
in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic
and the National Cancer Institute....
At least these were 3 reputable facilities
working "together" and had the SAME
Results... and thus have MORE Validlity
and has made such a HUGE Splash in the
News.... cuz they are MORE trustworthy
than an agency already guilty of corrupt
actions NOT based in the Best Interest
of the citizens they are suppose to 
be working for and Representing...

In addition, the WPI has been given 
research grants and lab space to work 
for the last 2 years and will be building
a research facility on the grounds of the
University of Nevada, Reno...

~ recent CDC article ~

*Source Link*

I have been working on trying to 
create my own Holiday Miracle but 
want to give it TIME and don't want
to jinx anything... so I will report to 
you about this in a Future post and 
until Then...

May you all be having a Holiday
Filled with LOVE and Merriment
and a time for you to Feel the Joy
of those that LOVE you.... and if even
just for a few days... forget as much
as possible about the PIA that our
illnesses cause us... and Feel Blessed
by the Good Things we DO have 
in our lives.. Just as in the timely
movie of the season.....
"It's a Wonderful Life."
No Matter HOW bad we think we have it
most of us do NOT realize just how much 
we touch each other's lives also...
and bring Joy and Hope to them..

Share your "one candle of Light" with 
the World this Season and together we
can Shed some Light on the World and 
Help bring Joy to many that need even 
MORE than we already HAVE....

One of my learned talents is photography
and my local ME/CFS Group had our 
Holiday party this last weekend...
I have run the online forum for 2 years
but have been too sick to EVER even
attend even ONE meeting....until NOW.
I went and offered to make portraits
of anyone that wanted one....
Many did want them and one lady
even admitted that she had no family
and had NEVER had a portrait made....
THAT was why I did it... for HER....
If we can make ONE person feel Loved
and Worthy and Bring them JOY this 
THAT is the Reason for the Season..

Be the LOVE you want to SEE..

Not EVERY Present is bought or wrapped.
One's from the heart are Priceless and 
many times Worth a LOT More....

YOU are NOT your illness....
Your Heart & Spirit speak 
to who you ARE inside...
Let your Love Flow and no matter
what your body says... 
Please "Listen"/Read these words and 
let them sink in and OWN them
and Radiate them... as this Really 
IS.... the Time of Our Lives...

How many Remember Mattie Stepanek
and HOW MUCH he accomplished
in his "far too few" years on this earth?
But the Love & Joy he brought to 
everyone either in Person or those
who read his poems and books
called his "Heartongs" ??

How is your Love waiting to be 
expressed to the world?
We ALL have a way to let it out...
Find your Special Gift and this 
year "Give it Wings" and 
as you share YOU will feel an 
Inner Glow of LOVE that will
let you ride the wave of love
even further...

May you be blessed this Holiday Season.

Friday, December 18, 2009

#44~ New "Post Dr." 4 XMRV & CFS & UK Research

ATTN: Please SHARE this Info with 
anyone you know that might be 
interested in This  Position.. Help us Study this, OK?

News fresh from the field.... 
Share ASAP!!!

Post Dr Assoc
Cornell University
Cornell University, located in Ithaca, 

New York, is an inclusive, dynamic, and 
innovative Ivy League university and New 
York's and-grant institution. Its staff, faculty, 
and students impart an uncommon sense 
of larger purpose and contribute creative 
ideas and best practices to further the 
university's mission of teaching,
research, and outreach.

The Department of Molecular Biology and 

Genetics seeks a postdoctoral research 
associate to study the role of the newly 
discovered retrovirus XMRV in chronic 
syndrome (CFS).  Blood from a cohort of 
CFS patients and controls in upstate 
New York will be examined for the presence
of virus, viral proteins, and antibodies to
viral proteins.  Sequences of XMRV from 

different patients will be obtained in order 
to characterize the diversity of viruses in 
the population.  Whether virus sequences 
correlate with functional status of CFS 
patients will be determined.  This project 
will be undertaken in collaboration with the 
Whittemore-Peterson Institute in Reno,
and the Columbia University Center 

for Infection and Immunity as well as with 
several physicians treating CFS patients.  
For more information regarding the 
Department of Molecular Biology and
Genetics, visit http://mbg.cornell. edu/.

PhD degree in an area of Molecular Biology 

and/or Biochemistry or Virology.  
Prior experience with mammalian cell 
culture and/or retroviruses is desirable 
but not required.

Please send cover letter and CV with 

names of three references to 
Prof. Maureen Hanson, 
Dept of Molecular Biology and Genetics, 
323 Biotechnology Bldg., 
Cornell University, 
Ithaca, NY   14853 or to com.  

Applications will be received for 
consideration until a suitable candidate 
is identified.

Cornell University is an equal opportunity, 

affirmative action educator and employer.

Job: Molecular Biology & Genetics
Primary Location: Ithaca
Requisition Number: 11845

Molecular Biology & Genetics - AG

~posted originally by~ 
New Research FINALLY in the U.K...
but then Dr Peterson is in London <;-)))

ME Solutions and Invest in ME are
working together to maximize the
opportunities to fund research into
ME/CFS. The research project is -
The role of XMRV in modulation of NK
cell cytotoxicity and NK cell gene
abnormalities in ME/CFS patients and
normal blood donors.
The project will be carried out by
Dr Jonathan Kerr and his team from
St. George's University, London, and
Dr Amolak Bansal of the Department of
Immunology, Epsom & St Helier
University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Full article HERE

*gentle Hugs* and keep those Letters 
heading to your Ministers of Health or 
Congress, HHS, Surgeon General, or
whomever has Power in your Country, OK?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

#43~ CDC Re: XMRV Inter-Agency Working Group

NEWSFlash...  both Good and Questionable......

The CDC will be part of an interagency working group 
on XMRV, led by Dr. Jerry Holmberg. 
A three-part study will be initiated:

#1) The first part will consist of standardizing and 

validating laboratory methods and reagents for 
XMRV testing. This stage will use samples provided 
by samples collected by Dr. Judy Mikovitz. 
The intention is to create an FDA approved test.

#2) The second part will test a much larger sample 

than the initial study, trying to determine the 
prevalence of XMRV in the general population, 
and the blood supply.

#3) The third part will consist of how XMRV is 

transmitted, how it causes disease, and how it 
affects various subgroups of the population.

Some are "claiming".... but "I'm NOT Convinced yet"

CDC ~  Face saving action:
CDC ME/CFS Group Relieved of XMRV Research

"In a stunning move, responsibility for XMRV research
has been taken away from the ME/CFS working group
within the CDC, and re-assigned to the division of
HIV/AIDS prevention. "

I hate to sound like a downer.... 
but I see a different side to this coin..

"This group will be in charge of replicating findings 
of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute, rather than 
the group under the control of Dr. Reeves. "

  Reeves had ALREADY told us that HIV/AIDS 
was NOT in his CFS working group..
and that HE did NOT work on Viruses... 

Remember all of those long many emails sent
back and forth between him and another about 

WHY he would not come to a conference about 
HHSV or any such thing...?? about a year ago???

"The move is highly significant: it appears that the 
CDC is now acknowledging the serious nature 
of XMRV. "

They are allocating the research of a "retrovirus" 
to the HIV/AIDS section  ----> as it should be.
They are "Simply" researching a virus DUH...

in the the Viral Dept... if they Didn't we would have 
MORE to complain about..and I mean the 
Entire Public..NOT ONLY the ME/CFS folks...

"The forceful demotion of Dr. Reeves is a sign that 
the CDC is in damage control mode." 

They have NOT yet declared that THEY believe 
that XMRV "IS" the Cause of ME/CFS.
This just says to me... that they could also 

be giving Reeves "cover" because
they don't feel that ME/CFS is a virus... get it??? 
It's from Depression.. .Remember? ??

"The HIV/AIDS prevention group in the CDC has 
many capable retrovirologists, who can provide 
years of expertise. This turn of events should lead 
to balanced, common sense research."

I am Hoping that this IS TRUE for XMRV and 
the general Health of ALL of us...
Whether they AGREE with the findings of
WPI.. is yet to be determined...
They de-faced Dr. DeFreitas... 

Will this time be any different??
Be Aware.... VERY every 
bit of wording.. to NOT read it the way
YOU want it to read..  
Remember they have PAID "PR folks" to 
word things so they will be "spinned" a certain way.

This is the UN-Spin Zone... 

ONLY  in the #3 part at the top would the studying 
of ME/CFS and XMRV come into play and possibly 
interract... THIS tells me that the CDC is studying 
XMRV...NOT that they are studying ANY connection
between XMRV and ME/CFS..... YET>.. like I said...
Maybe in Part #3 IF we stay ON them....
so do NOT Party YET ...Please...

I don't see HOW this YET changes anything 
regarding Reeves or ME/CFS.
It'll take a BETTER argument than this...
PLEASE...Convince me...I "beg" you.....

BUT....they are supposedly taking action
on "Part of this" ....Do NOT let up the Pressure..
We have Made Great Strides This Year...
Let Us ALL OVER Continue United 
Gentle with ourselves but STRONG against
anyone that tries to perfrom any Cover-up 
OR any more Delays....OK?


Friday, December 4, 2009

#42~ Thanx DrOz, Dr Donnica and Gina

wOw.. what a "wild ride" the last few months
have been... Was THIS an "E-ticket" ride ???
(Old Disneyland reference )

On the research front, there are a few more
new studies being done in Norway and Sweden
to confirm the link between XMRV & ME/CFS.

WPI is infatigable with the list of research 
studies they are undertaking. Also, even if you
don't live close by your "Info" CAN Help WPI
and their CFS Info Database for Research by 
completing their "questionaire" which IS
on a Secure site.. notice the "https"...

A Federal Agency is now Finally responding and 
checking into XMRV.

Unfortunately, Hemispherix was dealt a blow by 
the FDA regarding Ampligen and a new 
Larger Trial has been ordered.

A Big Thank You to Dr. Oz, Dr. Donnica L. Moore, 
and Gina! for the REAL 1st Show segment of DrOz
dedicated to ME/CFS with a REAL distinction made
between it and "simple chronic fatigue."
..aired on Thursday Dec. 3rd.

I feel that for the "SHORT" time allotted that a 

Tremendous amount of Info was covered... 
(the segment was approx. 13 min)
Granted it was not the 3 hour program we would
have "wished for"...
BUT, it was the equivalent of our 1st step & 

Landing on the National Moon and it's Website. 
Can we give Thanx
Please for the TRUTH that WAS imparted 

to the Public on OUR behalf ??

May I "2nd the suggestion" to write a note 

of Thanks to Dr Oz and to the Producer for the show. 
Her name is Judy Rybak and her 
email is
..a little Gratitude goes a LONG way....

Thank you Dr Moore for that 2 page article

and getting DrOz to put it on his website.. 
That Helps a LOT as we can send it to others 
and it is SO well written !!!
Thank You, also, for "talking as fast as you can" 

and enunciating to get all of those extra little 
details in... that tidbit about the salt tablets 
was a PLUS for our POTS, esp. as Dr Oz was doing 
a "Salt-FREE Challenge" in the next segment..
Timing IS everything...

Hopefully, Dr.Oz will make the CFS segment 
of his video/show available for us  to send 
around the World to Educate everyone...
We have been Invisible for SO long...
This Segment by him, with HIS Voice
will Speak LOUDLY to the public and 
all of our family that are still in disbelief..
If the Science was able to Convince him..
WHO are THEY to doubt US ???

As far as mentioning WPI... I don't think DrOz felt 

comfortable/OR his legal Dept? would allow him 
to mention it... BUT  
"all anyone has to do is Google XMRV & CFS" 
and they will find out the WPI ~ Dr Mikovits link 
IMMEDIATELY....very easily...

Last night I was feeling melancholy thinking of all of
my friends that died about 20 years ago from AIDS 

and how we NOW have the internet and FB and 
youtube to pass ALL of this Info AROUND the World
SO Fast... like they Didn' I was also feeling 
Humble and Grateful..
Additionally, thinking of those that could not  
"hang-on" and be here with us for this next decade 
that will be SO Important for us..

Having worked in Western medicine and studied 

& practiced Eastern Medicine I know they have both
been around for hundreds/thousands of years
respectively, and I do NOT expect them to be 
"Instantaneously Harmonious"...altho many of us 
have found places for BOTH of them in our Lives.. 
I was "in shock" back in the 1980's when Kaiser 
allowed a form of acupuncture to be practiced in 
the facility where I worked..albeit a 
watered-down form.

I AM a Happy Grateful Camper and will celebrate

this Holiday Season with a renewed Gratitude..
and be Thankful for my NEW "chosen family" 
I have discovered HERE < ;-))) 

For those of you traveling for the holidays
may the wind be at your back and may you
stay safe and warm and share your  holidays
surrounded by those you love and love you back.
For those of you staying home, may you  be
blessed with all the love that comes your way
and may we ALL be grateful for what we DO have
and  feel blessed by those near or far that are
sharing their time and love with us..

We have a 2nd Full Moon coming up this month
also known as the Blue Moon on New Year's Eve
and 2 week's later a Solar Eclipse New Moon
all within the Mercury Retro that straddles the 
New Year.. so PLEASE Travel Safely....
Don't sign any IMPORTANT  papers, 
and it is best used as a time of Introspection
recharging your batteries reflecting on
the new lessons you have learned in 2009 
and how you plan to implement them to better 
your life and those around you in the next year....

Safe Sane Love to all for the Holidays !!!

All Ratings and Comments Appreciated.

*gentle hugs* to ALL