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Friday, December 4, 2009

#42~ Thanx DrOz, Dr Donnica and Gina

wOw.. what a "wild ride" the last few months
have been... Was THIS an "E-ticket" ride ???
(Old Disneyland reference )

On the research front, there are a few more
new studies being done in Norway and Sweden
to confirm the link between XMRV & ME/CFS.

WPI is infatigable with the list of research 
studies they are undertaking. Also, even if you
don't live close by your "Info" CAN Help WPI
and their CFS Info Database for Research by 
completing their "questionaire" which IS
on a Secure site.. notice the "https"...

A Federal Agency is now Finally responding and 
checking into XMRV.

Unfortunately, Hemispherix was dealt a blow by 
the FDA regarding Ampligen and a new 
Larger Trial has been ordered.

A Big Thank You to Dr. Oz, Dr. Donnica L. Moore, 
and Gina! for the REAL 1st Show segment of DrOz
dedicated to ME/CFS with a REAL distinction made
between it and "simple chronic fatigue."
..aired on Thursday Dec. 3rd.

I feel that for the "SHORT" time allotted that a 

Tremendous amount of Info was covered... 
(the segment was approx. 13 min)
Granted it was not the 3 hour program we would
have "wished for"...
BUT, it was the equivalent of our 1st step & 

Landing on the National Moon and it's Website. 
Can we give Thanx
Please for the TRUTH that WAS imparted 

to the Public on OUR behalf ??

May I "2nd the suggestion" to write a note 

of Thanks to Dr Oz and to the Producer for the show. 
Her name is Judy Rybak and her 
email is
..a little Gratitude goes a LONG way....

Thank you Dr Moore for that 2 page article

and getting DrOz to put it on his website.. 
That Helps a LOT as we can send it to others 
and it is SO well written !!!
Thank You, also, for "talking as fast as you can" 

and enunciating to get all of those extra little 
details in... that tidbit about the salt tablets 
was a PLUS for our POTS, esp. as Dr Oz was doing 
a "Salt-FREE Challenge" in the next segment..
Timing IS everything...

Hopefully, Dr.Oz will make the CFS segment 
of his video/show available for us  to send 
around the World to Educate everyone...
We have been Invisible for SO long...
This Segment by him, with HIS Voice
will Speak LOUDLY to the public and 
all of our family that are still in disbelief..
If the Science was able to Convince him..
WHO are THEY to doubt US ???

As far as mentioning WPI... I don't think DrOz felt 

comfortable/OR his legal Dept? would allow him 
to mention it... BUT  
"all anyone has to do is Google XMRV & CFS" 
and they will find out the WPI ~ Dr Mikovits link 
IMMEDIATELY....very easily...

Last night I was feeling melancholy thinking of all of
my friends that died about 20 years ago from AIDS 

and how we NOW have the internet and FB and 
youtube to pass ALL of this Info AROUND the World
SO Fast... like they Didn' I was also feeling 
Humble and Grateful..
Additionally, thinking of those that could not  
"hang-on" and be here with us for this next decade 
that will be SO Important for us..

Having worked in Western medicine and studied 

& practiced Eastern Medicine I know they have both
been around for hundreds/thousands of years
respectively, and I do NOT expect them to be 
"Instantaneously Harmonious"...altho many of us 
have found places for BOTH of them in our Lives.. 
I was "in shock" back in the 1980's when Kaiser 
allowed a form of acupuncture to be practiced in 
the facility where I worked..albeit a 
watered-down form.

I AM a Happy Grateful Camper and will celebrate

this Holiday Season with a renewed Gratitude..
and be Thankful for my NEW "chosen family" 
I have discovered HERE < ;-))) 

For those of you traveling for the holidays
may the wind be at your back and may you
stay safe and warm and share your  holidays
surrounded by those you love and love you back.
For those of you staying home, may you  be
blessed with all the love that comes your way
and may we ALL be grateful for what we DO have
and  feel blessed by those near or far that are
sharing their time and love with us..

We have a 2nd Full Moon coming up this month
also known as the Blue Moon on New Year's Eve
and 2 week's later a Solar Eclipse New Moon
all within the Mercury Retro that straddles the 
New Year.. so PLEASE Travel Safely....
Don't sign any IMPORTANT  papers, 
and it is best used as a time of Introspection
recharging your batteries reflecting on
the new lessons you have learned in 2009 
and how you plan to implement them to better 
your life and those around you in the next year....

Safe Sane Love to all for the Holidays !!!

All Ratings and Comments Appreciated.

*gentle hugs* to ALL

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