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Sunday, December 20, 2009

#45~ Happy Holidays and More CDC bad news

*Report finds "Poor Ethics" 
policing at CDC*
By MIKE STOBBE (AP) - 18 hours ago
(see link below)

Many of us have "ALREADY" known about 
this with regards to ME/CFS,  "and" I am 
Glad that maybe with our CFSAC meetings
a little more light has been shed on the 
shananigans that have been running
rampant at the CDC for WAY TOO LONG
now... I will ONLY be giving you tidbits
of this article to wet your whistle as a 
Promo teaser so as NOT to abuse any
© infringements, AND because I want
you to read the article, OK?

I feel after you read this article I HOPE
it will motivate you to WRITE those letters
we have been talking so long about to 
President Obama with CC: to ....
Sec. Sebilius of HHS, the Surgeon General,
Your Federal Senate & House Reps, Your
State Governor, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn.

Please also remember the "shadie" 
History of the CDC that has ALREADY 
been documented AND "investigated by 
Congressional hearings and the GAO" 
and reported in the Osler's Web Blog....
In case you forgot or Never Read the 
corrupt history please read THIS First
then the New article from yesterday, OK?

 and now on to some article tidbits:

"The government's top public health 
frequently failed to police its outside 
experts for conflicts of interest
according to a new government report 
released Friday."

"The report concluded that the CDC 
failed follow-up with some of the
experts who disclosed potential 
85 because of jobs or grants, 
28 with stock ownership and 
13 who received consulting fees."

Ok, that's all I can tempt you with...
but please read the other History FIRST
and then read this "in context" so you
can see that this is NOT a new issue
and WHY the entire CDC needs a 
HUGE OverHaul... 

So that the Interests of ALL USA citizens 
and the rest of the world that pays 
attention to what the USA does... 
Will be based on  REAL Honest, 
non-corrupted opinions based
ONLY in Science.. not kick-backs.

That is a BIG part of WHY we have ALL
respected SO MUCH the recent research
done by Whittemore Peterson Institute
in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic
and the National Cancer Institute....
At least these were 3 reputable facilities
working "together" and had the SAME
Results... and thus have MORE Validlity
and has made such a HUGE Splash in the
News.... cuz they are MORE trustworthy
than an agency already guilty of corrupt
actions NOT based in the Best Interest
of the citizens they are suppose to 
be working for and Representing...

In addition, the WPI has been given 
research grants and lab space to work 
for the last 2 years and will be building
a research facility on the grounds of the
University of Nevada, Reno...

~ recent CDC article ~

*Source Link*

I have been working on trying to 
create my own Holiday Miracle but 
want to give it TIME and don't want
to jinx anything... so I will report to 
you about this in a Future post and 
until Then...

May you all be having a Holiday
Filled with LOVE and Merriment
and a time for you to Feel the Joy
of those that LOVE you.... and if even
just for a few days... forget as much
as possible about the PIA that our
illnesses cause us... and Feel Blessed
by the Good Things we DO have 
in our lives.. Just as in the timely
movie of the season.....
"It's a Wonderful Life."
No Matter HOW bad we think we have it
most of us do NOT realize just how much 
we touch each other's lives also...
and bring Joy and Hope to them..

Share your "one candle of Light" with 
the World this Season and together we
can Shed some Light on the World and 
Help bring Joy to many that need even 
MORE than we already HAVE....

One of my learned talents is photography
and my local ME/CFS Group had our 
Holiday party this last weekend...
I have run the online forum for 2 years
but have been too sick to EVER even
attend even ONE meeting....until NOW.
I went and offered to make portraits
of anyone that wanted one....
Many did want them and one lady
even admitted that she had no family
and had NEVER had a portrait made....
THAT was why I did it... for HER....
If we can make ONE person feel Loved
and Worthy and Bring them JOY this 
THAT is the Reason for the Season..

Be the LOVE you want to SEE..

Not EVERY Present is bought or wrapped.
One's from the heart are Priceless and 
many times Worth a LOT More....

YOU are NOT your illness....
Your Heart & Spirit speak 
to who you ARE inside...
Let your Love Flow and no matter
what your body says... 
Please "Listen"/Read these words and 
let them sink in and OWN them
and Radiate them... as this Really 
IS.... the Time of Our Lives...

How many Remember Mattie Stepanek
and HOW MUCH he accomplished
in his "far too few" years on this earth?
But the Love & Joy he brought to 
everyone either in Person or those
who read his poems and books
called his "Heartongs" ??

How is your Love waiting to be 
expressed to the world?
We ALL have a way to let it out...
Find your Special Gift and this 
year "Give it Wings" and 
as you share YOU will feel an 
Inner Glow of LOVE that will
let you ride the wave of love
even further...

May you be blessed this Holiday Season.

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