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Friday, December 18, 2009

#44~ New "Post Dr." 4 XMRV & CFS & UK Research

ATTN: Please SHARE this Info with 
anyone you know that might be 
interested in This  Position.. Help us Study this, OK?

News fresh from the field.... 
Share ASAP!!!

Post Dr Assoc
Cornell University
Cornell University, located in Ithaca, 

New York, is an inclusive, dynamic, and 
innovative Ivy League university and New 
York's and-grant institution. Its staff, faculty, 
and students impart an uncommon sense 
of larger purpose and contribute creative 
ideas and best practices to further the 
university's mission of teaching,
research, and outreach.

The Department of Molecular Biology and 

Genetics seeks a postdoctoral research 
associate to study the role of the newly 
discovered retrovirus XMRV in chronic 
syndrome (CFS).  Blood from a cohort of 
CFS patients and controls in upstate 
New York will be examined for the presence
of virus, viral proteins, and antibodies to
viral proteins.  Sequences of XMRV from 

different patients will be obtained in order 
to characterize the diversity of viruses in 
the population.  Whether virus sequences 
correlate with functional status of CFS 
patients will be determined.  This project 
will be undertaken in collaboration with the 
Whittemore-Peterson Institute in Reno,
and the Columbia University Center 

for Infection and Immunity as well as with 
several physicians treating CFS patients.  
For more information regarding the 
Department of Molecular Biology and
Genetics, visit http://mbg.cornell. edu/.

PhD degree in an area of Molecular Biology 

and/or Biochemistry or Virology.  
Prior experience with mammalian cell 
culture and/or retroviruses is desirable 
but not required.

Please send cover letter and CV with 

names of three references to 
Prof. Maureen Hanson, 
Dept of Molecular Biology and Genetics, 
323 Biotechnology Bldg., 
Cornell University, 
Ithaca, NY   14853 or to com.  

Applications will be received for 
consideration until a suitable candidate 
is identified.

Cornell University is an equal opportunity, 

affirmative action educator and employer.

Job: Molecular Biology & Genetics
Primary Location: Ithaca
Requisition Number: 11845

Molecular Biology & Genetics - AG

~posted originally by~ 
New Research FINALLY in the U.K...
but then Dr Peterson is in London <;-)))

ME Solutions and Invest in ME are
working together to maximize the
opportunities to fund research into
ME/CFS. The research project is -
The role of XMRV in modulation of NK
cell cytotoxicity and NK cell gene
abnormalities in ME/CFS patients and
normal blood donors.
The project will be carried out by
Dr Jonathan Kerr and his team from
St. George's University, London, and
Dr Amolak Bansal of the Department of
Immunology, Epsom & St Helier
University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Full article HERE

*gentle Hugs* and keep those Letters 
heading to your Ministers of Health or 
Congress, HHS, Surgeon General, or
whomever has Power in your Country, OK?

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