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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

#43~ CDC Re: XMRV Inter-Agency Working Group

NEWSFlash...  both Good and Questionable......

The CDC will be part of an interagency working group 
on XMRV, led by Dr. Jerry Holmberg. 
A three-part study will be initiated:

#1) The first part will consist of standardizing and 

validating laboratory methods and reagents for 
XMRV testing. This stage will use samples provided 
by samples collected by Dr. Judy Mikovitz. 
The intention is to create an FDA approved test.

#2) The second part will test a much larger sample 

than the initial study, trying to determine the 
prevalence of XMRV in the general population, 
and the blood supply.

#3) The third part will consist of how XMRV is 

transmitted, how it causes disease, and how it 
affects various subgroups of the population.

Some are "claiming".... but "I'm NOT Convinced yet"

CDC ~  Face saving action:
CDC ME/CFS Group Relieved of XMRV Research

"In a stunning move, responsibility for XMRV research
has been taken away from the ME/CFS working group
within the CDC, and re-assigned to the division of
HIV/AIDS prevention. "

I hate to sound like a downer.... 
but I see a different side to this coin..

"This group will be in charge of replicating findings 
of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute, rather than 
the group under the control of Dr. Reeves. "

  Reeves had ALREADY told us that HIV/AIDS 
was NOT in his CFS working group..
and that HE did NOT work on Viruses... 

Remember all of those long many emails sent
back and forth between him and another about 

WHY he would not come to a conference about 
HHSV or any such thing...?? about a year ago???

"The move is highly significant: it appears that the 
CDC is now acknowledging the serious nature 
of XMRV. "

They are allocating the research of a "retrovirus" 
to the HIV/AIDS section  ----> as it should be.
They are "Simply" researching a virus DUH...

in the the Viral Dept... if they Didn't we would have 
MORE to complain about..and I mean the 
Entire Public..NOT ONLY the ME/CFS folks...

"The forceful demotion of Dr. Reeves is a sign that 
the CDC is in damage control mode." 

They have NOT yet declared that THEY believe 
that XMRV "IS" the Cause of ME/CFS.
This just says to me... that they could also 

be giving Reeves "cover" because
they don't feel that ME/CFS is a virus... get it??? 
It's from Depression.. .Remember? ??

"The HIV/AIDS prevention group in the CDC has 
many capable retrovirologists, who can provide 
years of expertise. This turn of events should lead 
to balanced, common sense research."

I am Hoping that this IS TRUE for XMRV and 
the general Health of ALL of us...
Whether they AGREE with the findings of
WPI.. is yet to be determined...
They de-faced Dr. DeFreitas... 

Will this time be any different??
Be Aware.... VERY every 
bit of wording.. to NOT read it the way
YOU want it to read..  
Remember they have PAID "PR folks" to 
word things so they will be "spinned" a certain way.

This is the UN-Spin Zone... 

ONLY  in the #3 part at the top would the studying 
of ME/CFS and XMRV come into play and possibly 
interract... THIS tells me that the CDC is studying 
XMRV...NOT that they are studying ANY connection
between XMRV and ME/CFS..... YET>.. like I said...
Maybe in Part #3 IF we stay ON them....
so do NOT Party YET ...Please...

I don't see HOW this YET changes anything 
regarding Reeves or ME/CFS.
It'll take a BETTER argument than this...
PLEASE...Convince me...I "beg" you.....

BUT....they are supposedly taking action
on "Part of this" ....Do NOT let up the Pressure..
We have Made Great Strides This Year...
Let Us ALL OVER Continue United 
Gentle with ourselves but STRONG against
anyone that tries to perfrom any Cover-up 
OR any more Delays....OK?


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