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Thursday, July 21, 2011

#118~ Why VIVINT "IS" Important NOW !

Before I go into what needs to be done and how, I would like to give a little background to those that may have either forgotten OR are new to this Battle and history OR are stuck in one mindset and need a new perspective.

Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Jones is resuming her OWN Practice and has moved back to Hawaii and her opinions are ONLY that, and she even states that.. Many KEEP ignoring the rest of the patients all over the world that do not live in the USA ?

Please ask WHY many pretend like this is still ONLY about Incline Village and "the non-defining and everchanging naming" done the CDC ?

This is NOW a WORLD ISSUE .. Why would we still be only looking for "regular pneumonia" if many others had "pneumocystis pneumonia" and then they discovered that they also had a retrovirus ? Not everyone is still stuck in Incline Village and diseases/viruses of whatever kind mutate with time, esp. 30 yrs, and YES just like illegal immigrants can cross country borders and even hi-jack a ride on a plane or in a mosquito or tick. If a mosquito can tramit Malaria and West Nile Virus, why should it not be able to pass on a retrovirus after it bites someone that is XMRV+ ? Many methods are being tested and there is a lot more to learn about this very fruitful path that is ALEADY Helping Many.

There is also a thing called new tests and new research resulting in new results and findings.. It's like testing out a new dish to eat and then going home and 30 yrs later trying to re-create it w/o the recipe. IF Elaine DeFreitas had continued her work, whose to say where we would be now ?

Also, we now have this new Retrovirus in 9 countries, testing positive in different labs... with patients with many of these co-infections. IMHO, that is a "game-changer to anyone's immune system" AND  how it will respond to any other incoming disease.


Science and Research IS moving beyond CFS and working on The Bigger Inter-Connected Picture. That can also be called Progress and may be Finally getting closer to the REAL Truth~ No matter Where the origin of a particular version/branch of the disease came from.

Many ONLY want ME or Original description of CFS cured, BUT the Original description of CFS despite newer info and research joining many NIDs together showing a connection and now even MORE involvement to a retrovirus FAMILY ! But THAT is not the issue right now.. THAT's the part we have moved on from, because MORE Evidence is showing how much more this interconnected web of diseases is effecting our many organ sysyems and many of these illnesses are really triggered by a Master Puppet that then allows the Domino effect and we catch more other things like the things the CDC considers "experimental or not relevant for CFS testing"... BUT they ARE when you are looking at the Bigger PIcture with a Retrovirus in that picture.. 

Sometimes Research locates the tail of the elephant before it locates the trunk. What matters is that they finally locate the elephant in the room.

SOOOOOOOO, with THAT said.. it is of UTMOST Urgency that anyone that REALLY Cares fo Help us FIND Trreatment and Cures ASAP after the last 3 decades we have already waited... 

Please keep voting. We are up against "Invisible children,"and  the "It Gets Better Project", the "Trevor Project". These are all very large charities with huge fan bases. Invisible children won Chase Community Giving 2 years ago. We are in the pacific region with stellar competition. They haven't begun to get out the vote yet. OK ?
 Help WPI by not ONLY VOTING Daily in the VIVINT FB Contest, but  then ALSO Helping to donate up to $50/£30 per TOTAL during the Contest ...
"Matching Periods" and VIVINT will Match monies up to $2,500 total.
First period starts July 21st NOW !! = 5 hours ago !
thru tomorrow July 22nd at midhnight.

You Vote DAILY BY~
Going here Daily until thr END of August~ PROMISE Now.. OK ?
(1) (click LIKE)

(2) click "Login to Facebook", then click (VOTE)

Really~ Help NOW !! today and tomorrow !!
Please consider donating to the Whittemore Peterson Institute between midnight on July 21 ( 5 hours ago) and 11:59pm on July 22. If you do this, Vivint will match your donation up to $50/£30. You can donate here :​kproject/charity/769

Please Help advance Research into ALL of these NID illnesses and Help people from ALL over the world benefit from the New Research that is being done and the New Clinic that will be OPENING August First ♥
Remember that the WPI needs your daily vote!    Please post your vote for family and your friends to see.
We NEED them and ALL of them to Vote also !
Please ask them, pretty please ♥

If they have co-workers that will also Help US because it's the PROPER THNG to do the Help ERADICATE THIS DISEASES, because ONLY this Private money right now has the ability because of the World's money Deficit issues to help with  this MOST Important Research.

You KNOW the "Talking Points" and how to deliver them in a polite way that will make them realise that this is to also be Helping them so they con't get these diseases.. 
Remind them of the MANY Diseases that are being Linked and ALREADY Helped.
Thank you!!!!
Beyond that~ PLease "Mark Your Calendars" for  Sept 15th for the 7th Annual
"I Hope You Dance" Gala FundRaiser Benefit for the WPI.

Now **GO TEAM GO**

Thank YOU ALL and Bless you ALL