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Thursday, November 26, 2009

#41~ Happy Thanksgiving USA & laws, clinics & MORE

My, my, this has been such a busy 2 weeks that I 
have been without my MAIN computer and it feels 
like I'm been missing my right arm...and NO I'm not 
left-handed. I have had a hard time even keeping up
with all of the news & posts on this 7 tear old laptop
that has been working it's heart out for me to keep 
me informed, but It has been working at the speed 
of ME/CFS and thus even has made what I thought
took me a long time to do, even longer...Hence
I am behind in blog posting. OK, I apologize
and will NEVER catch up.. but that's the LIFE
of ME/CFS even with an old computer that has it.

May I First & foremost WISH "Happy Thanksgiving"
to all of the readers in the USA, and we SURE know
what we HAVE to give thanks for THIS year... 
Even tho we don't physically FEEL any better yet
our Spirits & Hearts have been LIFTED UP again
and we have HOPE that was for SO many years
missing....We FEEL again like we have a supportive 
"chosen online Family" that Understands us and 
does NOT Judge us. Just accepts us AS we Are..
We have in the last month cried together, rejoiced
together, and supported one another like I have 
not felt in MANY years... so I definitely KNOW
what I will be giving Thanks for Today....
ALL of you, ALL involved in  WPI, and ALL
involved in Supporting us...Bless you !!!
25 years is a LONG TIME to Feel Abandoned..
and that is what we have Felt...
esp those that are alone...those w/o families.
So CHEERS to the NEW "Chosen Families" that
now exist and we are one HUGE extended family
now...and forever.

Just a little news and some updates to those that 
might have missed it..
The XMRV/CFS Dr Oz Show WILL Air on Thursday
Dec 3rd on NBC, check your local channel for times.
Maybe someone can make this segment available
on youtube for those that miss it? I have not seen
Dr OZ on other ideas?

ALSO, Dr Oz is NOW going to do a show on
Fibromyalgia... so HERE is the link to get YOUR
story told and as it is thought that XMRV might be 
at the root cause of that ALSO, be sure to let him 
know  if you started with a flu or anything that might
sould likje our ME/CFS soory as SO many of us have
BOTH, OK? Even if you can't attend he may choose
you to do a Skype interview with.. or at the least you
are Helping the Cause by helping us flood him with
the Numbers of us that have this also... So PLEASE
send your story in THIS weekend...OK? Thanx

There has been another families interesting story
that "may" prove of benefit to us...
Questioning if XMRV feeds on HIGH cholesterol 
in our systems? Has yours been checked lately?
Read the Hempel Story. 

 Many of us during this Holiday time when so 
many are going crazy with Holiday shopping..
WE are asking them to NOT "buy" us something
but Rather.. to donate for us to the WPI that is 
doing the Research to Help find us a CURE.
That can be done either directly on their 
Homepage via Paypal
Or if they belong to Facebook they can Donate
thru Andrea Whittemore's Cause CURE 4 ME

Also after the much appreciated part that
Dr Nancy Klimas played during the CFSAC meetings
and her recent NBC interview has decided to 
Open the Klimas Clinc doors !!!

The time has finally arrived!  Dr. Nancy Klimas 
will open the new Chronic Fatigue & Immune 
Disorders Research and Treatment Center
(Chronic Fatigue Center for short) in 

December.  Located in Kendall at 
8720 N. Kendall Drive, Suite 108, Miami,
FL 33176, the clinic will begin seeing patients
on Friday, December 4th.  Clinic days will be 
Mondays and Fridays for the near future.  
The clinic is a private fee-for service clinic, 
meaning that full payment will be requested 
at the time of service, and forms will be given
to you to submit to your own insurance 
provider.  Labs will be drawn at the clinic 
but will be billed directly through your 
insurance provider.  For more information, 
visit the web site
  If you have any questions or want
to make an appointment, email the clinic at 

info@cfsclinic  or call 305-595-4300.

The Chronic Fatigue Center is a private clinic, 

separate and apart from the CFS Clinic at the 
University of Miami, so everything at UM will
remain the same.

Here is the  only article I have seen from the
Cleveland Clinic Conference of researchers..
They are playing it VERY "close to the vest."

You can NOT be Discriminated against
because of the results of a DNA test for 
employment and they are including the 
NO "Pre-existing Conditions" Clause in the 
Health Care reform Bill so Hopefully 
This will end all of this BS.

The law took Effect Nov. 20th 2009.
HERE it is.....

OK, time for some sleep here on this end...
almost 4am and a Holiday & food to fix...
Let me leave you with a song that has
unexpectedly worked it's way into my heart
and become my New Theme Song... 
I have a few others that you can listen to,
but this one has become "A Call to Arms"
for me.  May it serve us during this next leg
of our ME/CFS/XAND Campaign......

All Ratings & Comments are always Welcomed
on my Blog as well as my youtube page. 

*gentle HUGS* to you ALL.....

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