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Sunday, November 15, 2009

#40~ 2nd Chance 4 Dr. Oz w/Dr Mikovits & WPI news, Osler's Web, CDC

From WPI:

"A 'new' Dr. Oz show is being "taped"
November 20th. Dr. Mikovits had a
phone interview yesterday :)"

~HOLD Positive thoughts that THIS time
he HAS HEARD ALL of OUR emails & Tweets & FB notes...
I Will post when I hear about an "air date"
It is usually about 2 weeks later.

I heard him state that he tapes shows 2 days a week.
Reminds me of when I was young in Hollywood and
the "game shows" would do the same thing...
and record 2 -3 shows back to back in one day.
Saves on studio/staff costs..
***ALSO: Dr. OZ is ASKING for us to
email HIM Directly because of this new viral link
and  tell him OUR story and possibly
be  ON the SHOW!

Here's Your chance top have your Truth HEARD.

a note from Andrea on behalf of WPI:

We raised $14,000.00 this month. We couldn't have
done it without you :) thank you so much for your 
support , donations , advocacy , awareness 
and letter writing!!! WPI fans are awesome ! 
Together we can find a Cure 4 ME and XAND!!! 
If I don't answer a question it's ...usually because 
I don't know the answer. I am a patient too so 
I share in the same Hopes, Dreams , Fears and 
Questions you have . I will always do my best 
to answer what I can. 

Thank you so much for supporting 
the crucial work going on at WPI:)


Everyone PLEASE Remember that the 
X+ AND is all of the other illnesses that 
also can be included in the list to be tested
such as autism, FM, atypical MS, MCS, etc...
If there are "only" 28 Million around the World 
with ME/CFS if you add in FM and the rest of 
these... if these tests pan out ~ we HAVE a
TRUE Epidemic that the CDC "Let Happen"
PLUS just HOW many carriers in addition ?
"ALL the Nations" (NOT JUST USA)
Blood supplies need to be
screened for DEAD viruses !!! 

***add to that***
This week's smoking gun:
From: Osler's Web Blog--> see Link in Right column 

 While discussing the topic of lymphomas
and other cancers in his Tahoe cohort,
he mentioned Jerry Crum, who died of lymphoma
in 2008. WPI had been able to grow XMRV
from Crum's blood, frozen in 1984
during the first year of his illness.

"We were able to take serum frozen in 1984
at the time I asked for the CDC's help 
with this disorder” thaw it, and infect cells
[with XMRV] and that is very dramatic to me.
It's somewhat frightening, the doctor continued,
"that you can take blood that's been frozen for
twenty-five years and obtain active infective virion."

An aside, a parenthtical phrase setting the time frame;
Peterson didn't even have to mention it, but he did.
Jerry Crum, and by inference the other patients in
that outbreak, was fulminantly infected with XMRV
in 1984, the year Peterson had asked CDC for help. 

Had CDC actually helped when he asked in 1984, 
maybe it would have been the CDC growing XMRV 
out of that frozen blood, not the Nevadans, and 
maybe it would have happened a decade or two ago.

Chew on THAT for a WHILE and SEE why we ask
YOU to HELP US ~ Raise Research $$ for the 
Institute that bears HIS Name along with his original
Benefactors.. The Whittemore-Peterson Institute...
"They HAVE a dog in this race."
Or to be more polite.. a Daughter that also has this,
but their money only HELPED get the Ball Rolling...
We have a LOT MORE Research to DO, not to 
mention that they have already done ALL of THIS
without their building even having been buildt YET.

So Please keep doing those Searches if you have 
no money or way of raising any other funds..OK?
I have been doing my 5 searches a day.. 
First thing in the morning, then I know I'm done.
It's EASY and Quick and I can SEE the Amounts 
Growing already ...So PLEASE "Pass this ON"

They will need a LOT more Research staff 
and Dr's & nurses for when they have the 
buiding finally Opened.. IMAGINE what they
can DO then ???

We can HELP NOW by simply being 
Searching Fools for WPI and 
instead of "Paying it forward"....
We will be "Searching it Forward" to help
EVERYONE as SOON as Possible..

THINK of Creative eways to get your 
family & friends to use this Search for YOU
"only 5 times a day" is NOT a LOT to ask 
when it is FREE ...Be Excited & Energetic LOL
and let then know HOW excited you ARE and '
how Easily THEY can Help Daily...

Bless you ALL and  **GO TEAM GO**


For those working on their Letters to Congress:


If you want to know if your representatives
are on a health committee, that information
is here:


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20201

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