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Monday, November 2, 2009

#30~ CFSAC videos on youtube so far

I'm sure MORE will surface, but until then
and until the archives show up on the NIH
website and/or the text comments....

Here's all of the youtube videos I have been
able to gather so far.
I have tried to put them in viewing order..
They used "Real Player" video player
that gave EVERYONE practically
many problems so Bless the folks that
recorded these which are alot Easier to view.
even if NOT complete...

There were MANY more Public Comments
I want to see again.
I want to hear the part again about and
exactly who said that they were 
told NOT to teach or even discuss CFS 
in the Medical Schools?

and I want to see the TEXT & Video from 
Friday when 5  Committee members 
gave their "Retiring Comments"
and what the NIH had to say, as well as

what the CFSAC recommendations 
were at this point...

Hopefully the official video archives and text
will be available by sometime next week.

Here's enough to "wet your whistle."


FDA testimony-

Dr. Daniel Peterson

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Q & A-

Annette Whittemore-

Prof. Coffin-

PUBLIC Comment Section-

Laurel's video-


call in lady- GREAT


Mike Dessin-

RE: blood bank guy-

I'm sorry this is all that was recorded
but SO many of us were on Such a HIGH
after Thurs that I know many of us 
CRASHED HARD on Friday....
I was all tuned in an fighting with
Real Player as I had the day before
but I just couldn't take it any more
I guess... I crashed also...BUT I left
the computer ON so it would still get
counted. I haven't heard what
the number of webcast viewers was
for Friday anywhere.?
If you know please Comment HERE
and let us know, OK?
And if you read the previous post
you will know WHY we crashed..

There are already MORE articles
that have been published and more
news will come... We need to 
STAY Encouraged all the while
NOT using TOO much Adrenaline
and doing what we NEED to DO
to maintain what Health we DO have
until we hear our next marching orders.

If and when we DO get tested for XMRV
and if we ARE positive... until we get 
put on some new anti-viral that has
been modified to work on XMRV, we 
need to WORK hard to Build ourselves 
UP so we can withstand the rigors
of the anti-viral meds...

Some of them have nasty side-effects...
Not trying to scare you..
but think like "our version" of chemo.
Any time you take a Strong drug
to kill a strong bug there usually
are nasty side effects for the host=you.
Look "how hard" this bug has had a GRIP
on us for so many years.
You think it's gonna go down easy?

So we must build UP our Nutritional diet
& Supplements, like fortifying before battle..
Doing any of this will NOT change what
your test for XMRV will be- it's either
there or it's not...

DO all of those sensible things
if you haven't already started.
You KNOW the list.. I'm not going
to repeat it unless you ask...

Be like a Bear and STORE UP
for the winter~ Healthwise ;-)

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  1. Many thanks for putting this in such an easily accessible format.