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Saturday, November 14, 2009

#39~ Raise Research $$ while you are Searching

In an attempt to quickly 
"Kick-Start" this Fund Raising Campaign 
for the Whittemore-Peterson Institute
that is a "bottom UP" Grass Roots WORLDWIDE
organizing machine who's TIME HAS COME...

Here is a Simple way we can get started
to raise some money WHILE we are
doing our research to write our letters
to send out to our local & federally
elected officials, newspapers, etc.

It is "SO simple" in fact it was posted 
on Facebook by a number of "Great Thinkers"
that think alike and have started the rest 
of us using it already...

Simply "Search" AWAY and pass it on to 
EVERYONE and Repeat OFTEN ;-)

Each search will earn $.02 for the WPInstitute.
If all the 1,190 fans of WPInstitue on Facebook
did 5 searches a day for a year, 

it would earn $43,435.

If all of the 4 million PWC in the USA 

did it = a lot MORE.
If all of the 28 million in the World 

did it = a GINORMOUS Amount.

Who the heck said 
"Your 2 cents wasn't worth much?"
HERE it is worth a LOT 
and it will ADD up FAST if we all do it 
together and ask  others to 
"Simply Search" when they think of us..
It will cost them NOTHING to Help us
in this way.. 
Suggest that they Bookmark/Favorite 
this url / Link and go there Often...

Please share with your Friends & Family.
Ask them to "simply SEARCH" as 

part of their Holiday gift to you.
They don't have to wrap it, use any 
gas to go get it, or pay any postage
to send it to you..

Go here to participate:

Happy Searching and you can 
Literally add up the Good you are
doing Daily with each search.. 

So don't think you don't have any $$$
to donate for Research... if you can read this
than you CAN Search and Help us Raise
Research money for the Whittemore
Peterson Institute that helped to bring us
and ME/CFS into the current World Spotlight
and there we WILL stay until they can do 
enough Research to help us find a CURE
so our "28 million Voices 4 a CURE" 
will NO longer need to be quiet whispers 
and we will be helped, 

so "Go Forth and "Search."

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