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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

#32~ Hot Off the Unofficial "CDC Chatter" and MORE

First I thought this was an imposter site and
wasn't gonna pay it any attention cuz the
news sounded "TOO GOOD To BE TRUE".

Now it appears that: this site is
FULL of Great Stuff ♥

The Intro ~

Welcome to, 
an unofficial blog for employees of the 
Centers for Disease Control and 
Prevention (CDC), external partners
and others who are interested in CDC.
This blog was established for CDC 
employees and others to post 
information, express opinions, make 
comments and otherwise communicate 
about decisions, changes, events and 
other issues that are occurring at CDC.
This blog is intended to provide a 
forum for people to express their views.
It is not intended as a forum for
disclosing classified or confidential 
information nor is it intended in any 
way to compromise the mission 
and efficacy of CDC. 

with that Said... here are a few gems
from the site ~ so Have fun reading♥

Bad Day for the CDC ♥

Calls for new CFS Leadership at CDC

Good changes or Chaos inside CDC? 

PBJ-Hemispherix responds to FDA

Dr Friedenberg's testimony CFSAC

Just some FUN reading for when
you are bored LOL

*cheers  to all *

Comments & referrals to this blog
are ALWAYS appreciated. 

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