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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

#35~ Remembrance + XMRV, WPI, MECFS, Survivors

Wow, I am beginning to catch the feeling
that many others are as Upset as I am
altho I am "trying" to "set my priorities"
for Getting Better FIRST and then we'll
have the energy to focus on Justice LATER.

This week in Canada we have
Remembrance Day
In the USA Wed. is Veteran's Day.
Although we have "not yet" established
a "specific day" to Rememebr ALL of those
Who have fought this Same ME/CFS battle
with us, and "gone" before us, too soon
their time on this earth ended because of
the abuse, & neglect to which we all ALL
been subject. I would like to take this
Remembrance Day Week for us to "Pause"
and Remember THEM at this Important
time in the Historic Time-line of MECFS..
and let their memory serve to buoy us UP
and give us even MORE reason to "carry on"
and help "28 Million Voices 4 a CURE" until
it is "no longer needed." So, in their honor,
I Dedicate this  tune:

For those who have gone before us:

Here is a Memorial list that another
MECFS Advocate has been compiling~

To change to a cheerie topic~
Here are some Recent new TV videos
Nevada Newsmakers videos
be SURE to play BOTH parts, OK?
I KNOW it won't happen tomorrow...
but the news here makes me even a little
more excited than I was yesterday...

Second, here is an article that will
speak to ALL of our souls called
"Where was the CDC?"
The Hilarious part IS that This was written
BEFORE the CFSAC meetings had started.
So they didn't even HEAR how BOTH
the CDC & Reeves got taken out behind
the woodshed and..  *#@%+$#^
as they have been doing to US for the
last 25 years..... Enjoy~ esp if you
have already watched the CFSAC
2 days' worth of testimonies.

I KNOW these NEXT 2 videos WILL BE
HARD to watch, but Please watch them
and as I did, I thought of all of those
other MECFS patients that could NOT take
any more and chose to exit this nightmare..
This person has chosen a "Creative Way"
to express their Pain and for THAT, I say
Congrats and KEEP expressing your pain !!!

In fact, I have a column here on this blog
for those that have MECFS and use ANY
Art Form.. I call it part of Art Therapy
cuz it's also what we "stuff" that kills us..
If you know "anyone" with an Invisible Illness
that blogs about their Creative Art PLEASE
let me know, so I can ADD them and
acknowledge them, OK?

Dead Funny? Xenophobia in MECFS

Part 1: Phone call for Mengele's twin

PLEASE watch all the WAY thru Part 2..
Part 2: Phone call for Mengele's twin

So as painful as it is for ALL of us to
experience THIS, let alone watch these
videos.. PLEASE do watch them and even
log in and give the Creator some STARS
"for the effort and creative way" they chose
to express their pain and let them KNOW'
that they have MANY that feel the pain ALSO
no matter what country we are in...
the TRUTH is the SAME ~ Each country has
it's own version of the Guilty..
We WILL "deal with them"
but, FIRST we need to get well..
then it will be "their turn."

I have been to Poland and the Death Camps
TWICE so I KNOW personally the similarity
of the Guilty. Those that Survived the camps
had ONE thing in common with us..
They "focused" on something Positive.

So make your list of the guilty, save your
copies of the Evidence, but FIRST and 
Foremost ~ DO what you/we need to
GET BETTER.. if they are still alive after
we get well, we can exact OUR Justice.


  1. Well said.
    I too have been sparing a thought for all those chronicaly ill and dismissed by our health authorities whilst our media remember our war heroes. They are a different sort of hero and one day the truth will out.

  2. Additionally, I was trying to include all of those that have been SO abused personally/family/financially/medically that with ALL of that PTSD flung at them over the years (as in the case with Dr Bell's children's families he testified about the CFSAC hearings) and they "could NOT survive" thru the brain damage that they had been victims of and for YEARS decided to End the pain..and thus are now among the uncounted PTSD/ ME/CFS victims. May they Rest in Peace....and May we carry their Banner and Advocate for a CURE and Justice in their name as well.

  3. The PTSD website that I have found the most helpful is

    and "learning about the Brain" cuz it's OUR bodies computer ~ ya know? by Dr Daniel Amen
    Series of 7 videos from a PBS program on youtube: "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life"

    We need to get READY for any therapies that may in anti-retrovirals etc...

    I urge EVERYONE to be Pro-Active about their own Health....United~ we can share info & help each other.. Yes, I have "brain envy." ;-)