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Monday, November 2, 2009

#31~ CFSAC~2Days Online and --> NO XMRV test Yet!

They finally posted the videos of the FULL
2 day event and I tested the Real Player
and this time it works "Just Fine."

Next I want to look for the TEXT of the
proceedings. If anyone knows WHERE
they might be posted??? Please tell me.

There's alot of this stuff I want to have 
so we can "quote them accurately."
...if ya know what I mean.... 

and you will once you watch it..

Thurs, Oct 29, 2009~ Day 1 is over 6 hours,
Fri, Oct 30, 2009~ Day 2 is 5hrs 15 min.

When you get to this page be SURE to 
Scroll down cuz as they add archives 
the meetings will go further down the 
page each day..OK?

For those that are viewing the event for
the 1st time.. "Let the Games BEGIN."

So get your popcorn & soda READY
( or whatever you are allowed )
and get ready to watch some Incredible stuff..
Some will make you cry with Joy, some
will make you feel Validated for the 1st time,
some will tick you off cuz some folks
STILL don't "get it" and other parts will
make you actually Clap & Cheer.
This meeting has been a LONG Time Coming.

Comments always welcome

I just called the WPI today and asked them
about that supposed XMRV testing at VIPDX
labs and they told me NO,
"there is NO Public Test yet."

Watch the WPI website for when they
have "licensed a public lab to perform tests."
They also asked me to email them the
email I had received that listed
the tests and their prices.

BEWARE of Trojan Horses......

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