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Monday, November 15, 2010

#94~ Dr. Mikovits 4th Anniv ~ WPI Research Director

I would personally like to take this opportunity to "Give Thanks" TODAY, on this, the 4th Anniversary of Dr. Judy Mikovits becoming the Research Director at the Whittemore Peterson Institute.

Because of the the persistence of the WPI and Dr. Mikovits unwavering determination 
to find the Real True Honest cause of ME/CFS and her insistence to meticulous methods 
and continually detailing her progress and her co-operation with other Medical Research Organizations AROUND the world, we CAN ALL say "without a Doubt" that it WAS her 
participation in the "Oct 2009 Science Paper" that has put ME/CFS back ON the radar of the medical and patient community.

Dr Mikovits Bio:  she's one smart cookie :)

"Dr. Mikovits spent more than 20 years at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick MD during which time she received her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, investigating mechanisms by which retroviruses dysregulate the delicate balance of cytokines in the immune response. This work led to the discovery of the role aberrant DNA methylation plays in the pathogenesis of HIV. Later in her career at the NCI, Dr. Mikovits directed the Lab of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms (LADM) a section of the NCI's Screening Technologies Branch in the Developmental Therapeutics Program. The LADM's mission was to identify, characterize and validate molecular targets and to develop high-throughput cell-based, genomic and epigenomic screens for the development of novel therapeutic agents for AIDS and AIDS-associated malignancies (Kaposi's sarcoma). Formally trained as a cell biologist, molecular biologist and virologist, Dr. Mikovits has studied the immune response to retroviruses and herpes viruses including HIV, SIV, HTLVI, HERV, HHV6 and HHV8 with a special emphasis on virus host cell interactions in cells of the hematopoietic system including hematopoietic stem cells (HSC). Dr. Mikovits' commercial experience includes serving as a senior scientist and group leader at Biosource International, where she led the development of proteomic assays for the Luminex platform that is used extensively for cytokine activity assessment in therapy development. She also served as Chief Scientific Officer and VP of Drug Discovery at Epigenx Biosciences, where she led the development and commercialization of cell and array-based methylation assays for drug discovery and diagnostic development. Dr. Mikovits has co-authored more than 40 peer-reviewed publications that address fundamental issues of viral pathogenesis, hematopoiesis and cytokine biology. "

Before the WPI and Dr Mikovits the prior 10 years
I could hear the sound of the hallow empty vacuum
sucking the life out of all of us nonstop. 
NOW because THAT paper has revitalized the Research community , 
patient involvement and advocacy we all are 
that THIS TIME we are going to grab this Golden Ring and 
NOT let GO until they have Found a CURE for ME/CFS.

This year after the CFSAC saw it's new Chair Chris Snell, PhD in April and 
the CFSAC~FDO Wanda Jones PhD, getting in contact with Dr Koh the Asst. Sec 
to Kathleen Sebelius, Sec of the DHHS that sits on the Obama Cabinet, 
and Dr Koh for the 1st TIME EVER attended part of the April CFSAC meeting.
I have absolutely NO DOUBT that it was Dr. Jones past history with the 
HIV retrovirus and her knowledge of the 3rd human retrovirus XMRV
that had now been connected to ME/CFS patients that prompted a 
First Time EVER Response from Kathleen Sebelius to the CFSAC regarding 
their recommendations to her. 
Here is her letter that was dated just 
Before the Sept. 2010 CFSAC meeting that has been 
documented here previously...

As we all know, that Science Day was a smoke-screen for the truth that
that the following 2 days of the public meeting would uncover, particularly due to the Well Participated in "Time for Action" Campaign by the patients and the CFSAC members that have had First hand patient experience and could speak tho the Truth.

With this post I wish to accomplish 2 things..

Thank Dr. Judy Mikovits for her ground-breaking research that has been of tremendous help to us in advancing the "real science" and interest in our plight... 
...and thus because "at this present time" there is NO other Research place like WPI that has been totally built in conjunction with  a medical school and other researchers and a public/private partnership with the University of Nevada at Reno, that will include a patient clinic when it opens SOON, I hereby ask anyone reading this to PLEASE ask anyone that will possibly be asking you what you want for a Holiday gift.. ???  to....

Please just ask them to Donate to the WPI to help advance research, treatments and hopefully one day a Cure 4 ME/CFS patients with NeuroImmune diseases.
Donating can easily be done by clicking HERE. 
I am including the links so you can easily pass them on to those who might ask.
Those on Facebook can easily donate using the "Cure 4 ME" FB Cause page HERE.

The 2nd thing I wish to accomplish is bring your attention to helping our other "Sister Center" that we are working 
to get built on the East Coast of the USA, the future NEI Center (TM) 
that will be for  NeuroEndocrineImmune disorders.

This would also be a wonderful time if you haven't yet to "Please sign ONE of the petitions" asking Sec. Sebelius to meet with a representative from PANDORA concerning the NEI Center. This would be a perfect time to remind her how the future NEI Center would help and benefit those with NEI disorders.

HERE is the petition on
and HERE is the petition on FB.
Please remember to ONLY sign ONE of the Petitions, OK.

Most of you already know that the Gift of Health is the Best gift you could give anyone. Please help us all reach this Dream for the 40 million of us with these illnesses. As the USA approaches their Thanksgiving Holiday next week
let us Help GIVE the Gift of Health by a simple donation and one signature.

After that~ your Thanksgiving meal, I promise, will taste Better ♥

I will NOT apologize for sharing this video 
with you again ♥ and Please "Sing Along"
Together we CAN DO This!!!

If you are now feeling Motivated and 
want to do MORE...
Please up Top Under where it says "Current Event"
and Click on Any RED Action and pick 
an action you would like to participate in 
Help us Spread the word of This Action also, OK?

♥ We "Thank YOU" from around the World ♥

PS: While you are here, please 
take my Reader Survey :D



  1. Thank you Stand up to ME. Then let's do that and stand up "for" ME. There is technically no such thing as ME/CFS. Most seem to use it to describe the neuro features of ME, then let's just call it ME. ME/CFS is NOT a name change, so why settle for this? We do not need to drag CFS along.

  2. Thank You~ Anonymous for your comment.
    As I don't know what part of the world you live in, in the USA we are slowly turning the HUGE Governmental ship that declares we have CFS to making them include the name ME (as it should have been originally) but since it wasn't, we are taking calculated steps to add the ME symptoms, get the ME added, and then get the CDC definition changed~ ALL the while NOT trying to screw the folks that are actually have ME but have been diagnosed as having CFS so their health benefits/disability are not lost like many in the UK are going thru NOW. This is a strategic plan with calculated steps and desired outcomes. Ultimately tho, by the time all of this happens we should know if XMRV really is at the base of ME or not and the name may change again.. so I am mainly concerned about getting the symptoms and definitions CORRECT.