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Saturday, May 21, 2011

#116~ URGENT- Get Out The Vote for WPI NOW !!

We NEED at Least 4,000 MORE Votes, folks !!
We are in 7th place ~ that will NOT do.........

In case you haven't yet looked under the rugs and rocks and begged every friend and friends of friends and every orgnization ou  have ever belong to ~ to Help us and if they Belong to Facebook to Vote for WPI for the Chase community Giving to Help us win the $500,000.00 that will be put towards research and develpoping treatments for millions of patients with the many neuro immune diseases.....

NOW is the time to do it, NOT Tomorrow...

The illnesses that all seem to be linked together under this umbrella include many things with ME/CFS being only ONE of them... and there are 17 million of them. Also included are those with Autism and Chronic Lyme Disease and Asperger's, Atypical MS, Fibromyalgia, and they have also been linked with many cancers including lymphoma and some cases of prostate cancer and breast cancer...

Anyone that CARES about Human Life should be VOTING "Right NOW" on Facebook for the Whittemore Peterson Insititute as they are the ONLY one in the Top 7 that has anything to do with Saving and healing Human LIVES that are in danger and people have been suffering for decades... and now a Generation !

While we are doing this, the President and Founder of the WPI, Annette Whittemore, and the Head Translational Medicine Researcher, Dr Judy Mikovits, have both been in the U.K. in London attending the 6th "Invest in ME" Conference whose sub theme this year is

The Way Forward for ME - A Case for Clinical Trials

but  before there can be clinical trials there must be MORE Research $$$ and as we all know thegovernments and states and contries are broke, so this Wonderful Opportunity to WIN this $500,000.00 must NOT be taken Lightly~ Please.. 


Today the team went to Belfast for a Conference on Sunday and then they will be returning home on Monday... Please while they are away make them PROUD of us and what we did while they were away... There going around the world Literally to Help us..
Can we do Less to help them Help US ?
They have dedicated the LIVES to Helping us....
Can we not find ways to be EXTRA Creative these next few days to help get another 4,000 Votes ~ Please.. ?

The directions to help are Easy..
Here is a little paragraph that explains how and when you ask your friends and families to even ask their exteneded families and friends please ask them to watch this video that you can include. Here are the directions and the video link ...

Please Help MILLIONS with Neuro Immune Diseases "with 2 clicks."
Voting is open to anyone on Facebook. 

You can vote by going to 
Click "like" then locate the Whittemore Peterson Institute by clicking on this link and Simply VOTE.
Your vote will help them possibly WIN $500.000.00 for Research.

"Please share this" with others and Thx♥

The government is spending $3.64 a year on just one of these co-infections called ME/CFS... is That what your life is worth ?
Ask Rober Miller, this was his testimony last week at the Federal CFSAC meeting:

Maybe you need to hear a few more testimonies about just this ONE co-infection and WHY we NEED this Research $$$  SO Desperately ~~~

In closing I will wrap up with one more video to show you that  people HAVE DIED FROM THIS Illness that is NOT all in their heads.. Please Help us by getting every teenager you know that is on Facebook to VOTE for WPI because children are getting these illnesses also... I know we can DO THIS but we must REALLY work HARD these next few days... PLEASE....

Remember although thesae videos might only be speaking about ME/CFS and XMRV, that the WPI is also helping Autism, Gulf War Illness ( get every Vet you know to VOTE ALSO) and chronic Lyme of which there are also Millions...
Lest we forget all of the lymphoma cancer patients and all of the families and lives effected by these illnesses which is a LOT MORE than Just the Patients...

PLEASE Remember we need a MINIMUM of another 4,000 Votes to WIN this...
If there are Millions of us sick, WHERE are these votes ?? Find Them Please ~
We BEG you..

More Research can NOT Proceed if we do NOT get this funding...

We must NOT let this Opportunity to Win this Grant slip right through our hands because we did not
"Get OUT The VOTE."
This is a Vote for our Very Lives..

Please everyone from Around the World...
Help us and Vote NOW on Facebook for the Whittemore Peterson Insititute for Neuro Immune Disease on the Chase Community Giving Contest...
Human LIVES are at Stake here...

Please do NOT Let a floral society beat us !! 
I love flowers but we must be alive to enjoy them also....

Thank YOU


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