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Sunday, December 11, 2011

#123~ Email- FaceTheNation, ~ ASAP Please

How would YOU like being referred to as "a descriptive phrase in a political discussion that has absolutley NOTHING to do with your 
illness ?

Please think about it... You or your child have now been reduced to an adjectivce in the gramatical lexicon of this society... 

Are you Happy to let this continue ? Or will you Help and Be Part of the Solution that Encourages the "Press + Media" to  "Actully THINK" before they spew out words and phrases that are not accurate and actually do harm to Millions ?

Time for Phone Calls, and emails folks !! PLEASE THX 

♥from Robert Miller~ another ME/cfs long time patient...
" I have been speaking with Rob at programing of Face the Nation, who has assured me that he would pass on to John Dickerson who made the comment, that ME/CFS patients are offended. Rob did give an apology over the phone and we agreed that Mr. Dickerson had no idea of what he was saying and his ignorance of ME/CFS would be the reason why. I also filed a complaint with CBS corporate headquarters. I should get some reply Monday.

I encourage all to write emails and send them at least once daily, until we get a proper response. Also call the number listed 1-202-457-4481 and if you get a live person, just tell them you are a chronic fatigue syndrome patient and you were offended by John Dickerson's remarks on Dec. 4, 2011 on the "Face the Nation program". If you get a machine please leave the same message. Send emails to
"John Dickerson"
and it will be forwarded to Mr. Dickerson. "

***Offending Paragraph from the Transcript where 
"WE become a descriptive phrase" in a political discussion !
on Page 4 ~  

"Face the Nation" transcript: December 4, 2011

JOHN DICKERSON (CBS News Political Director): Well, it's like there's a chronic fatigue syndrome about-- about Romney in the Republican Party. I mean, the-- the voters just do not want to move to him. And what's extraordinary about the Gingrich rise is both that he's come back to-- to live here. But it says something about Romney's weakness. If Gingrich is the nominee, and the fact that he's ahead, he is going against two fundamental tendencies of Republican politics in recent history that we had the Tea Party which doesn't like establishment politicians. That's what Gingrich is. Social conservatives, another major force in Republican politics used to say the moral character of the candidates was fundamental to their being President. Well, we know Gingrich has a past. If he is the nominee, he runs in the face of those two major trends of Republican politics.
PLEASE Stay Polite and let them know from your heart how this made you feel...
If you send an email, then send them some links for resource...
Maybe some videos or other articles that could ENCOURAGE gthen to also
write some artivles or delve fruther into this illness so we can get more GOOD Coverage.

Possibles are the ME/CFS Alert Lewellyn King videos with either Bob or L. Jason.
Maybe the Davod Tuller article on the History of abuse by the CDC of this illness.
Maybe the New "2011 ICCriteria for ME" to understand HOW many Dr's around the world ARE also changing thre name/definition and attitude.

If you need exact references, please leave a comment and let me know which ones you are looking for and I will try to provide you with the appropriate URL my reply to you.

Please do it THIS weekend or this Week for MAXIMUM EFFECT before the article gets too old and the Holidays are here and take over the News coverage, OK !

Thank YOU for any Help that you can procvide...
every email and phone call DOES Help Our Cause...
Numbers DO Matter in thids age where TV stations are Fighting for their Existence
Fighting up against the internet and even the Cable stations..
If WE do NOT Speak UP for Ourselves than WHO Will ??
NOW is the Time...
Do NOT Let Our Coverage DISAPPEAR...
Stay Active and Enclourage your firneds to do the same..
If some call and some write.. we CAN Make a Difference~
Bless you all that choose to a Help and speak UP for yourself 
and those that are unable. Please remember The Children
and those unable to speak up...
We may not have a lot of money to give to Charities at this time of year
or at any time actually.. but we can give a few minutes of our time
now that we have been givem the blessing of this internet
or making a quick phone call..
End the year by Feeling GOOD about Yourself and what 
you have been able to do to Help others around the world..
Also, at the same time, please do NOT forget out op-going Help
for those in the UK tpo Help them Build 
a BioMedical ME Research/Hospital Facility....
The U.K. Campaign is called "Let's Do it for ME"
Here's their blog with many links and info for you to 
familiarize yourself with them and get to know
how you cna help no matter where you are...
This after all IS a World Wide Illness of Millions...
and sadly the patients have ben theones that have been doing MOST
of the PR to help get the Medical World and the Pubic World
and the World's Economies "Take NOTICE."

Let's Do It For ME


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