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Saturday, January 9, 2010

#47~ SHOW your Support- add a Twibbon 2 UR Avatar ♥

As my 1st project for the New Decade

I have created 2 Twibbons for you to

display on your Avatars to “SHOW”
your support- as actions
“speak louder than words.”

The purpose is not to look pretty but to
provide a "visual demonstration" of
Solidarity in our struggle to :

a) see ME/CFS recognized internationally as
a disease with a physiological pathology, and

b) to promote awareness of the need for
research and replication studies.

You can Add a Twibbon to your
Twitter and/or Facebook Avatar~
For Twitter just follow the directions
on the the page as is…

If you ONLY want the Twibbon
on your Facebook Avatar please
Follow the directions below:

#1) There are 2 sizes AND angles
       to choose from

#2) after you decide, then click
        the Facebook "tab"

#3) Sign-in to Facebook

#4) Deny permissions to allow
         them to share

#5) Preview and "move" your Ribbon
around on your avatar to where you want it,
remembering that when your avatar is “small”
as in “comments”...the edges will get cut off..
so center it a bit if you can , OK?

#6) Complete the process....Hopefully success!
Please Enjoy and PROUDLY Spread the Word!

Inspired by 2 ladies whose names start with "A"

Please "Share" this around, let US see a
few of you wearing it! and SEE some
Solidarity out there for
(for Right shoulder)
(for Left shoulder)

I will add these links on my Right Side column
also for those that might be wanting to
Access these later when this post is
Further down the “older post” section..
As I expect this Campaign to GO ON
Until we ARE Successful, capiche ??

We need to Saturate the Avatars all
Over Twitter/Facebook and all other
Social media with Avatars so people
Will eventually associate the Blue Ribbon
With ME/CFS/FM and XMRV as they
Do now the Pink Ribbon for breast cancer.

The “public” is a bit distracted right now
So it will take time and a LOT of
“ground-UP” work by us to INFORM
them ….via every means possible..
blogs, letters to your Gov’t Rep, to
your local newspaper, replying to
every news ezine that prints anything
that calls for us to INFORM them
“Correctly” of the TRUTH…
USE your Avatar EVERYWHERE...

Thanks for Jumping on Board this
PR wagon and SHOWING your support.
For your friends on other boards that
also use avatars and want to support us
you can send them the url for this blog
and they can access the links for the
Twibbons via this page …

I'm REALLY Getting Excited about ALL
of the New Activities as we Ramp UP
The Research and Get Ready for the
"2010 Awareness Day in May" this year..

So we are starting Early so everyone
Can be participating NOW and help
Spread the Word..

This is just the First step in our PR
Campaign Blitz, so jump on board NOW
So you don’t get “behind” and ride
This Info train with us this year
As we help spread the word about
Finding a “Cure 4 ME” and
Informing the World about XMRV.

56 Million hands clapping..
in Thanks...

If you have any other PR ideas
for this year's Campaign PLEASE
feel FREE to share them in the 
Comments section Below..OK?
Feedback is always appreciated
and encouraged...

** Gentle Hugs**

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