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Sunday, October 3, 2010

#86~ CFSAC "Computer Act-Up" Please....

OH~ Can you PLEASE do us a HUGE Favor????
YES, this applies to ALL of you Around the World

Many ME/CFS folks "Around the World" have been.... shall I say 
"a bit MORE Than UPSET" at the Lack of Topics included in the 
Proposed Agenda  AND some of the topics INCLUDED in the Agenda...

For ALL of the TALKING and WRITING for 25 years this Agenda
seems to be nothing more than a Rubber Stamp of the CDC revised website.

This is NOT "to be tolerated" as we have been FED UP with the CDC
and their cover-up, their belittling naming of this illness causing mass WORLD Confusion, their INtentional Continued use of the WRONG Definition of this illness and thereby dummying down the cohort they select to test with..

Their "Can't Detect C*^p"  tunnel-vision is NOT to be Tolerated, esp. AFTER they had been sent Active LIVE Strains of the the XMRV Retrovirus+"Explicit Instructions for Detection" 
back in Oct 2009.
What did Reeves DO with them? 

Since MOST of us ARE "really" too  sick to do a "Mass March" on the CDC Building.
And we doubt SERIOUSLY that the CAA will do anything EQUALLY effective to Bring the MASS MEDIA PR attention to OUR Plight that 
they "claim" to represent.

It is now time for us to do the one thing we CAN DO.......

"Wage a Computer LOG-IN"  of the CFSAC meetings ~  ALL 3 days.....
Log-in and BE Counted !!!!

We are Trying REALLY Hard for 3 days or as much as possible
to "get the WORD OUT" if you can get as many 
members/friends/family as Possible, that would be GREAT !
even if they will be sleeping during this time....
to "Log-in their computer" to the 3 days of the CFSAC meetings
covered LIVE via webcast..and just "LET IT RUN"........
they can "turn down the volume" to sleep even....
as these WILL be captured and put on Youtube shortly after
and then will be MUCH easier to View..

Cuz we VERY MUCH NEED people to "Log-in"
as "the Gov't COUNTS the # of people logged-in"
and we are wanting a HUGE Number to SHOW
them we ARE Paying ATTENTION
to what they are doing... OK??? Pretty Please...

You will have to convert the date/time but it's
Oct 12, 13, 14- 8:30am-5pm EDT in Wash DC..
Info schedule and "click links" on the Right of THIS page...

Make SURE you EACH go to the website for Real Player ASAP
and have the MOST RECENT Version installed
"AHEAD of Time and have it installed"~ OK?
It is NEEDED to watch and log in.~

Thx and ♥Hugs♥ and pass this to as many people as you can
around the WORLD, as THIS is the 1st Meeting AFTER the XMRV Workshop
and Day 1 is a Science Day and Day 2 + 3 are
the meetings w/public input by folks you will probably know ♥

But the AGENDA has us REALLY UPSET !!!
And This is "But one" of our ways of Registering" with them
So they CAN SEE that we ARE Paying ATTENTION
and will NOT PUT up with any CDC- BS
they try to use that on us.. capiche?

 Tell Everyone to Mark Their Calendars and HELP US in
THIS Cause. Pretty Please..
We ARE Trying to get a MINIMUM of 1,000 computers "LOGGED-IN"

Just make SURE you Download the Most Current Version of Real Player NOW..
and  SHARE this with your friends and whomever you think WILL HEP US...
and  we will send you out a reminder a few days before the Actual time  to 
Log-In.. cuz you can NOT log in very much in advance..OK?

You CAN "Commit" Right NOW to Helping us by  making sure you have the
Latest version of "Real Player" and are "READY TO GO !!!"

Thanks in advance for ALL of your HELP.. to Help US BE Counted...
We will NOT Be INVisible ANY LONGER...period.

Help us Stand UP 2ME
Help us Stand UP 2CFS
Help us Stand UP 2 the CDC
Help us stand up to this Crime Against Humanity.
Help us by Agreeing to "LOG-IN"
It's FREE, No PEM afterwards, and you WILL have DONE somthing to Help US BE COUNTED.

Thank You in Advance and Bless you.♥♥♥


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