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Monday, October 11, 2010

#87~ CFSAC~ Science Day 1 Agenda

Gentle Reminder:

To Set your Alarm clocks, turn your computers ON and  'Log-IN" to be Counted by the Govt to PROVE that WE are NOT Invisible...and that WE ARE WATCHING..

Also remember that this meeting is for the Next 3 days , EDT in Wash DC, USA.
That's -7 GMT depending on~ if your country is still on Daylight Time or not,
and we need you to log in NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD- PLEASE

The agenda's for the next two days  I posted  a few posts back when they were first announced. or you can find them HERE at this link also..BELOW Day 1

Oct CFSAC 2010 Agenda

Also, you need to already have... "Real Player" installed ON your computer as that's the webinar program they use.. Easily obtained here

And Dr. Wanda Jones runs a pretty tight ship and things stay pretty much on time,
and we have HER to Thank for making this available to us via webinar and for making all of the Testimonies and webinar available later online for our on-going veiwing.

To WATCH the meeting and to Log-IN Please go  HERE at the appropriate time.

If you know anyone that will be leaving home to go to work and they have a computer at home they could "log-on" with for us to Help the Count Numbers.. Please CALL THEM Today and ask them...
No computer should ever be lonely or idle ♥

Thanks Ladies, Gents and Germs... for Helping US be Visible.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee
US Department of Health and Human Services
Agenda -- CFSAC Fall 2010 Meeting
October 12, 2010 - Science Day
The purpose of these sessions is to update the latest developments in etiology, natural history, clinical studies, and related areas for chronic fatigue syndrome.
8:30 amOpening Remarks / Housekeeping
Panel 1Chris Snell, Moderator
8:40 amImmune systemDr. Nancy Klimas
9:35 amChronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Pathophysiology of EBV Infection: Trying to Connect the Dots to Make SenseDr. Ron Glaser
10:30 amXMRVDr. Stuart Legrice
11:20 amBreak
11:30 amSpeakers convene as a panel for interactive discussion and Q&A
12:15 pmLunch
Panel 2Dr. Chris Snell, Moderator
1:15 pmGenetic and Genomic Markers of ChangeDr. Alan Light
1:55 pmOther Biological and Non-Biological Measures of ChangeDr. Leonard Jason
2:35 pmAnti-Viral TreatmentsDr. Martin Lerner
3:15 pmBreak
3:30 pmSpeakers convene as a panel for interactive discussion and Q&A
4:30 pmSummary of the Day/Wrap UpDr. Michael Houghton
5:00 pmAdjourn


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