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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#102~ *NOW is the Time* to HELP the UK ♥

UK~ Dept of Health Protest White Paper Consultation

Join us in this UK protest to the "NHS choices White Paper Consultation"
which closes Jan 14th, 2011.

On the heels of the UK + London Blood Ban, they know ask us to help them by quickly sending some emails. Please do so ♥

Many of our ME/CFS friends in the UK could REALLY use our Help Right NOW.
If you in the UK, you may write in as a patient. 
If not, you may write in as a 
Patient Representative/Advocate. 

After you read this the white paper linked 
within this post and written by our friends in the UK that need our Help desperately I have NO doubt that you will be Easily Able and Willing to quickly use their "Sample Letter" to create your own and send it off to the UK to HELP or Fellow Friends that NEED our Help at this IMPORTANT TIME. We ask them for help when we have campaigns, so IMHO, this is one easy way we can help rePay them and help them at the same time. Thank You in Advance for caring about  the rest of your ME/CFS Family in the UK. 

Your HELP is MUCH Appreciated !!!

♥ Thanks much for helping them so we can actually BE UNITED in our  Health CHOICES Around this World regarding HOW those of us that have been abused and mistreated and ignored for DECADES, NOW work HARD to Speak OUR Voices. ♥

Please REPOST Far and Wide!

 HOW to take part and HELP.

- Full instructions are in the links BELOW including "a sample cover letter"


what choices you want for treatment of ME. (please HELP Them)

The NHS are asking us what choices we want in our health care choices

   (Just as in the USA we are participating with the NIH State of Knowledge)

on StoneBird

Dr Speedy's Nice Guidelines Blogspot

This reply to the White Paper has been written by patients for patients 

and is suitable for all levels of severity.

The discrimination and inequality in the current system is unacceptable 

and a breach of our rights. We call for an end to this
discrimination, and our right to be involved in the 

planning of our health care services to be honored 
and the patient`s voice BE HEARD loud and clear.

We hope we have stated the views, concerns and 

bio-medical needs and choices we want, 
not only in diagnosis, 
but also in treatment and social care.

We as patients feel that the Lightening Process (LP) , 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) 
and Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) 
ARE no LEGIMATE choice at all. 
We want equal access to appropriate specialists such 
as neurologists cardiologists, immunologists and a 
fair diagnosis using the Canadian Guidelines, with correct testing and treatment.

This is the choice WE WANT, 

not harmful CBT and GET which our shown by patient surveys 
to worsen our conditions. 
We condemn the Wessely school and their vested interests, 
and dominance in the NICE guidelines as an
unfair representation 

of the facts which leads to discrimination which is why they 
have been declared unfit for purpose.

The needs of the severely ill are neglected, with no home service 

often the most in need get the least service. because their
disability does not allow them to access services.

We call for "equal access for the 25% of patients 

who are severely ill bed and house bound who have no access 
to choice for ME treatment or any other health care needs." 

Correct services need to be provide via
home visits 

from all specialists involved in care. 
Otherwise, the severely effected will continue to suffer discrimination 
in accessing appropriate bio-medical treatments.
Let your voice be heard loud and clear, the more who reply the stronger the message is for ALL of US all over the World !!!!

Now published ready for downloading and sending with full instructions in pdf

on StoneBird

and also on Dr Speedy's Nice Guidelines Blogspot

By snail mail to :
Choice Team, 11th floor, New King’s Beam House, 
22 Upper Ground, 
London SE1 9BW.

Below is a sample for your email or letter...

Let them know if you have made additions, 
use BOLD so they can find them easily.

Dear Sir/Madam

I submit the following document for inclusion in the white paper consultation,
I have submitted research links in the document which support this
submission and ask you not to reach any decision regarding provision of choice for ME patients without fully exploring this evidence.

Yours sincerely,
Your Name
Please Repost Far and Wide

Thank You~
"ME Choices Team" from the UK.


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