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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#110~ The EYES of the World Have it- NIH SoK

2011 NIH State of Knowledge reCap

There WERE people watching from ALL Over the World in all time zones  via LIVE webcast even as after the 2 FULL days a midnight possible
Government Shut-down was looming near...
Dr. Francis Collins, Head of the NIH was in attendance.

Monroe from the CDC was afraid he would miss his plane ~
...a joke that was NOT wasted on the patients that already
KNEW the CDC's history as they dismissed and discarded the First Discovery of a retrovirus connected to ME/CFS 20 years ago by Dr Elaine De Frietas and chose to let it go UnResearched for the mere monetary cost of the 2 airplane tickets they would not buy to Validate the Discovery.
Meanwhile "The Band Plays ON"...

For those that missed the 2 day webcast
NIH- State of Knowledge ME/CFS Workshop
a few things were made very clear..

Here are a few short videos of some of the highlights..

It is now Painfully Clear that there are 2 separate camps now battling
~ one 4 the patients that are XMRV+ and have one or more co-infections,
and those that are ignoring multiple positive labs and thousands of patients XMRV+ over 7 cohorts around the world in 7 different countries.

One camp calls for MORE Research on XMRV and providing treatment for the patients that are already testing positive.

The other camp could care less about the suffering of the patients testing positive for the 3rd Human Retrovirus + one or more co-infections.. and they are calling for XMRV research to STOP.

I ask you~ if people have already grown antibodies for something they have had for 25+ years.. way before any lab contaminated anything... WHY can these patients NOT receive some treatment ? The fact that they had already pre-exisiting antibodies proves that their body had already been fighting the 3rd Human Retrovirus before and labs or scientists started arguing over it. Many have been sick since the 1980's NOT after your 1992 date.

NOT to treat them is tantamount to medical negligence and the medical profession WILL be held accountable and the medical health agencies NOT allowing treatments to be given to these patients will also be considered guilty of inhumane treatment of patients that have been very sick for Far Too Long and ignored by you. You will be held accountable for their suffering and for causing them HARM by your Lacking to Act now that6 you have been Formally Informed~ Period.
You can NO Longer play ostrich while the World watches....

As is stated in some of the videos here below~
This lack of treatment is INSANITY.
The CDC even states that HIV does not cause AIDS.
that AIDS = HIV plus one of 25 co-infections..
Even if you only have HTLV-1 and present as "sick" you can receive treatment...
Thousands of patients are testing XMRV+ and have numerous co-infections.
WHY are they NOT receiving some treatment NOW ?
Many have waited 25+ years and we are on the 3rd generation of people
dying from this illness.

The World is appealing to you..
If not NOW, when ?
How many MORE Generations must get sick and die
BEFORE you will give them Treatment ?

Keep researching for something else if you want,
but for Gosh Sakes HELP THESE PEOPLE and
Treat them NOW !!!
To NOT Treat them is a Crime against Humanity~ Period.

The ONLY thing they are depressed about is your ignorance and refusal to treat them with respect and give them appropriate medical treatment.

If a patient has Cancer do you give them an antidepressant ?
WAKE UP and Treat them with adequate medicine to Help them...

There are many in the medical profession that have this illness now and even they are ashamed of the way the current medical professionals are acting..
Especially when the GPs do not know the difference between a rhinovirus and a retrovirus. What med school did you go to?
Med School for Dummies ?


If you do NOT Provide treatment to those that are XMRV+ with co-infections you are Guilty of letting "The Band Play ON. AGAIN...

Hemophaeliacs be warned, they are NOT screening or cleaning the blood supply.
Anyone receiving a transfusion, "Bank UP your own blood donations" so you can receive your OWN Blood if you are planning an elective surgery like a knee or hip transplant... and Make SURE you tell them to KEEP your Blood for YOU ONLY until AFTER your surgery !!

As one Dr was quoted~ "If this was HIV it would be 1983 now."

For those NOT Familiar with the history behind the Fight for HIV and the blood supply please watch this clip and then you will see for yourself how INDEED~
"And the Band Plays On" is taking place ALL over Again...
Those with XMRV and a co-infection do Not  even HAVE a Name YET !!! yet it Kills....

Here is Dr. Leonard Jason's GOOD case definition for ONLY those with
actual ME/CFS because they Get Post Exertion Malaise and are NOT Depressed.
They are just VERY Sick and want their Health and Lives back.
While they are arguing over symptoms Millions are just trying to Stay ALIVE !
Even so more varied discussion takes place..

The following 3 patients are ONLY able to be there and testify because they
traveled across the country to receive the ONLY drug under clinical trial that is ONLY offered in 2 locations and costs $12,000 plus expenses for 6 months.
That buys "some of them" 3 years if it helps them them must start over and repeat.
They speak for the thousands of us that are in the 20-30+ year group and need Help NOW.

Please note the decrease in funding and grants approved in the last decade while patients are getting sicker, and the 3rd generation is getting infected.
Pat Fero:

Robert Miller:
Answering the Question: What kind of help/treatment do you want for which symptom?
(BTW~ This is NOT A woman's disease !!)
Retroviruses do NOT CARE what sex or race you are !!

Mary Schweitzer presents the list of her co-infections and makes a case for
treatment NOW~ Adults AND Children and Educate the Gen. MDs and Public.
What part of Serious and Urgent do you NOT Understand ?

Dr Judy Mikovits also makes a Case for Treating those infected with XMRV ~NOW !
They can not WAIT another 3 years...

We ask you- WHAT will the COST be if you do NOT choose to Treat these patients?
Are you waiting for their Families to sue you?
Give them Treatments NOW~
They WANT to work and pay takes and have their Lives back..
Many were professionals that can Help society again and our economy
if you will only treat them with compassion and respect.
Treat them while you work to STOP this PANDEMIC !

The Cerus Intercept System CAN clean the Public Blood Supply.
What are you waiting for
Everyone to Die and go AWAY ?
That will NOT Happen because new generations are getting infected.
Get a Clue and WAKE UP~
President Obama we Beg you... Help them get Treatment NOW. Please.

Look how good Magic Johnson is doing on treatments...
Why do you NOT want these professionals to be working and paying taxes ?
Why do you WANT them to Suffer and bankrupt their families ?
If you not choose to Help then you ARE Part of the Problem.
It's TIME to Lead, Follow or "Get OUT of the WAY" of their Treatment~ Period.

Is this AIDS 2.0 ??

What ever you do, no matter where you are, if you have ME/CFS or XMRV, or care for someone that does, or know someone that does, PLEASE write a letter THIS Week  to by Sunday, April 17th to speak on their behalf and let your concerns KNOWN so they can be received and Let Your Voices HEARD at the next CFSAC Meeting May 10+11th, (webcast LIVE) with the day after being our International May 12th Awareness Day Worldwide. 

The world Thanks You ♥


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