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Thursday, April 21, 2011

#112~ "If this was HIV, it would be 1983"

For those that do only have dial-up and can not watch videos I wanted to post the text of one statement that needs to be heard Around the World. I would like to also thank the person that did this transcribing and gave me permission to repost  it for everyone to read.. cuz this needs to be known.. 

I am one of the SeroPositive XMRV plus co-infection people that has been sick since 1987 and maybe before because I have NOT had any vaccinations since the 1970s and you can't grow antibodies to something you have never been exposed to.. so any lab contaminations that may have taken place after 1992 had nothing to do with my blood or what antibodies I have created. 

The fact that there are also now literally 3 generations of sick people and some have them within one family, and some even have adoptions so that would rule out bodily fluids.. so the Real Question here also is.. is this merely Infectious or also Contagious ???

And Now~ Here's Judy  
from the NIH State of Knowledge April 8th, 2011

Mikovits: I would like to say that what I've seen here this week says that, clearly, XMRV at best, what we originally set out to do 5 years ago was a systems biology approach. We used those genomic technologies by Gene and Mary Carrington. We used a microarray from the NCI to screen all the pathogens. And what we saw was what we heard from Mary Schweitzer, that a lot of active pathogens and things like shingles, things like enteroviruses, things like EBV, CMV, HHV6--they're all totally on in that microarray. In NCI's infinite wisdom, it didn't put XMRV on it, so that's how we ended up going back. But we didn't look with a hypothesis for retroviruses.

We took the systems biology approach, collected samples from patients who had the well-defined characteristics that Tony Komaroff talked about and that were in the Lo Study and Dan Peterson had done--these patients--had data on them for decades. We took samples over three years. So it wasn't that we found the virus in every sample. It was like the macaque study, where it quickly went into the tissues, like the mouse study that came out this week that said the antibody responses were weak and transient. We don't know everything about this virus.

But HIV does not cause AIDS. The CDC definition is HIV and one of 25 co-pathogens. So the Lyme, the EBV, the enteroviruses, Martin Lerner's patients who don't get better with Valcyte. This is a reasonable hypothesis because we see the same thing. We've developed a cytokine signature that is distinct from Nancy's cytokine signature and from Ben Natelson's. So this is a marker to follow on clinical trial improvement, but there's no doubt these people are infected. With HTLV-1, if you're seropositive and you're sick, you can get some kind of treatment.

I'm not saying antiretrovirals. I'm saying immune modulators. So the patients that are found to be infected now--and there are thousands of them--need something now, not three years from now when Lipkin decides there is an association. Whatever their disease is, they're sick. And I know John--Chia--has patients who are co-infected and they don't treat the same way, so we can get together with the physicians who have co-infected patients. Even Lyme doctors, whom we are working with across the country. We can start doing something now. Take it out of CFS. It's not about CFS. It's about a retrovirus we don't understand very well. As Frank Ruscetti said at a meeting a month or so ago, "If this were HIV, it would be 1983." That's all. 

Thank You Patricia Carter of the for permission to repost this transcription for the World to read. ♥

If THIS is not a Call to Help the Thousands of us that ARE sick and Need Help NOW I don't know what is... Thank You, Dr. Judy, for "Caring About us" and for taking on this extremely HARD job during these challenging times while 
"The Band Plays On"............................................

Next on Deck is the CFSAC meetings on May 10th + 11th and then the International Awareness Day on May 12th.

May everyone Please "Help Raise Awareness"  ~This YEAR, HERE and NOW

If XMRV proves to be Contagious... you might be Next.



  1. I keep hearing the comparison of HIV in 1983 and XMRV in 2011. The existence and finding of HIV by other research groups after the initial publication in Science in 1983 was never questioned. Almost immediately several different research groups were able to reproduce and publish the finding of HIV in the blood of infected individuals.

    As for the claim that a specific antibody response is proof of XMRV infection one must keep in mind that there are several reports of people having reactive antibodies to mouse viruses. This is called cross reactivity and it is a non-specific response to the virus being tested.

    I am not saying that MLVs are not infecting people for there is no proof that it can't happen. What I am saying is the HIV story and the XMRV story, on a scientific basis, are not remotely comparable.

  2. Somebody is doing something about it. There’s a vaccine that prevents HIV from turning into AIDS!

  3. Dear Anonymous...
    Obviously you don't have a clue what's going on...
    There is NO Vaccine "YET" for any XMRV/HGRV... No one asked if there was any meds for HIV.
    HIV was the 1st Human Retrovirus.
    HTLV-1 was the Second.
    XMRV is now the 3rd Human Retrovirus. Please get your score card Updated~ Thx

  4. Dear Ramon,

    Thank for you comment, but I am afraid you are a bit confused.
    #1 ~ different Retroviruses will reAct and test different and mutate and different rates. They also act differently IN their human victim.

    What is your response to someone that actually HAS antibodies to XMRV that was tested in a lab that never used any of the cross-contaminated proteins and has never had any vaccines that might have introduced the XMRV into the patients system, as some have also suggested, such as recent flu vaccines from those labs you mention ?

    If you have any problems with the comparison.. them why don't you call the Dr. that made the comparison ? He works at the NCI and can easily be reached.. He and his wife are BOTH researchers and his wife even came out of retirement for another 5 years to work on this very retrovirus because she thought it was SO Important...

    He is Dr Frank Ruscetti:

    She is Dr. Sandy Ruscetti:

    If you have MORE Combined knowledge than they do.. then maybe you can convince them..

    Until then... I'll believe them and if you make the headlines, Please let me know, OK ?

  5. Thanks Me-CFS unite.
    I already talked to Frank and asked for his protocol on how he testes his samples. I am in the process of repeating those experiments using sample Frank claims are positive and others that Bob Silverman has sent me. Frank claims to not have 22rV1 in his lab but in the protocol that his technician wrote up it is clear that this is what they use as their "positive control" so the potential for cross contamination is extremely high.
    I will keep you posted on the results.
    Until then this is my last post.