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Friday, December 24, 2010

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Guest Blog~

Ladies and Germs, I think that Dr. Judy and Annette Whittemore did was HEROIC! I would like to nominate them for the "Heroes of the year for 2010" . Are there any takers?
I can say what they are "too polite" also. Dr. Ruscetti is WORLD famous in retroviral research. He discovered the second ever kNOWN human retrovirus: HTLV-1. He was also RIGHT there at the founding of HIV-1. Along with Dr. Luc Montagnier from France, and Dr. Jay Levy of UCSF in the USA. in 1989, Dr. Jay Levy told me that "THIS CIAS (chronic immune activation syndrome) {this was HIS name for M.E. and CFS} will be the AIDS of the 1990's". 
Dr. Robert Gallo, who was working at the NIH at this time STOLE the working papers of Ruscetti, Levy and Motagner. they were being HONEST and very Careful, and when told to double and triple check all their work, Gallo used that time to steal their work and to go to the US patent office and he got HIS name on the HIV patent and thus got MANY accolades and speaking engagements and $125,000 a year in royalties. Dr. Ruscetti was VERY angry at his work being stolen, and he vowed to NEVER let the NIH and CDC bosses see his work until it was completed, so they could not steal it or squash it! He did this with his HTLV-1 work which is also a human retrovirus that can cause lymphoma's and various cancers. 
NOW, we have the 3rd known Retrovirus, XMRV, and Dr. Ruscetti is right there again with the brilliant and determined Dr. Judy Mikovits and her partner Lombardi, and the equally brilliant, classy and determined Annette and Harvey Whittemore, and their lovely daughter, Andrea. These people are fighting for TRUTH and JUSTICE and FAIRNESS for all of US!. If you know anyone with a foundation or a bequest, PLEASE make a donation to the WPI! We have a link on our site at you can go there and sign our M.E. Petition and make a donation to the WPI at the same time. You can also listen to Susan Wenger's excellent song about M.E.  
Harvey Alter's comments from last week at the FDA blood working group meetings. Dr. Alter said in effect, that he knew NOTHING about M.E. and CFS six months ago. But he has learned a lot in the past six months. and He now says "Maybe XMRV plays a role in this illness, and maybe it doesn't. But either way, this illness is REAL and it is SERIOUS! and we need to do the work to find out what is causing all this misery to so many people!
 Also, Dr. Kenny de Merlier said two days ago, BIG insurance companies and MAJOR world government agencies are scared to death! this could cost BILLIONS of dollars to treat us. and the liabilities of having government bureaucrats denying treatment to people who were gravely ill with  M.E. and CFS, and Autism, and Chronic Lyme and other illnesses like Gulf War Illness could SUE our various governments for LYING to the public for decades. This could cost MORE billions. And when there is Deliberate MALICE, we can go for TRIPLE damages!!!
So, when people like Ruscetti, MIkovits, Lombardi and Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, (who discovered various mycoplasmas in the early 1990s relating to sick gulf war veterans). Dr. Lo is, like my friend Garth Nicolson, one of the TOP Cancer Tumor experts on the planet, with more than 500 Peer reviewed articles, who had a daughter who was a helicopter pilot in the First Gulf WAR. She was a smart, hard charging woman who came home deathly ill after the first Gulf War.... and the Pentagon "lost" medical records written in ink. Someone "erased" millions of medical records that were on Pentagon Hard drives, and somehow thousands of HARD copy CDs and DVDs of medical records went missing..
Funny, how 3 separate mediums of medical data went missing....just when 285,000 soldiers got SICK! and many of the soldiers from POOR countries did not get sick and soldiers from France, that did NOT take the toxic vaccines jammed full of squalene, and who took prophylactic antibiotics did NOT get sick, and our soldiers who were jammed full of toxic vaccines, and who ate  Pyridostigmine Bromide tablets like "chiclets". These tablets were to be ONLY taken after a direct exposure to chemical weapons. Professor Thomas Tiedt, an expert in cholinesterase problems testified that a single dose in about 5% of all people will cause lifelong neurological problems, and that just a few dozen exposures will damage the nervous system of about 1/3 of all people who take these tablets. 
Years ago surveys showed that 1 in 4 Gulf war veterans were SICK AS DOGS! even though they only fought for 4 days! 25% of our returning soldiers are now sick! and guess what their disability claims say on them? drum roll please......Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Environmental Illness, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. and 95% of these veterans are MEN! so, these illnesses are NOT just for women! and the US Pentagon has put $300 MILLION aside to research and care for these soldiers! WE need a piece of that pie! and IF and this is still a big IF, but what if XMRV and other MLV's help TRIGGER these condtions in people with certain genetic or psychological predispositions who have already been exposed to multiple enteroviruses, and HHV6, and the whole world has been exposed to EBV? 
If you watch the "Nevada Newsmakers" clip with Sam Shad. Here is their link: 

If this toxic soup adds up to such a mess that even a small amount of XMRV, that could damage our HPA axis. I said 22 years ago, that Louis Pasteur, one of the fathers of modern medicine claimed more than 100 years ago, that "the Terrain is everything, the antigen is NOTHING!" If we have terrains of teachers and nurses and other health care workers and people in the travel industry who are in and out of various countries every month for their jobs. IF these people have a "toxic load" of various insults to their central nervous systems and their immune systems, and if Dr. Elaine DeFreitas was correct 20 years ago, and she had a PIECE of the puzzle, and instead of trying to HELP her work along, the CDC and the NIH tried to SHUT her down, because they were already fighting the First  retroviral epidemic of HIV/AIDS, they did NOT need a second retroviral epidemic of middle class white, nurses, teachers and travel professionals, so they decided to CRUSH the Wistar Institute. 
NOW, 20 years later, the same Establishment mentality is trying to CRUSH and STARVE the WPI of the funds they need to find out IF XMRV is the trigger, the final straw that breaks the camel's back,  Then our national governments and various insurance disability companies will have to PAY a portion of our former salaries, PLUS medical expenses, and Housing allowances, and clothing and for Millions of people for DECADES! 
So, Please do NOT let this attack go unanswered! PLEASE get a copy of Dr. Judy Mikovits and Annette Whittemore from "Nevada Lawmakers" with the link listed above. you can google Sam Shad, the reporter, who has interviewed these same all stars at other times over the past several years, and spread that video FAR and wide! Make that Video VIRAL! That is your job over the holidays. We want that video in the hands of every major newspaper editor in the world who published a NEGATIVE  report on the WPI and XMRV in the past week. 
NOTHING that was said in those studies this week in Retrovirology REFUTES a single data point in the October 8th, 2009 SCIENCE article by Lombardi, Mikovits et al. NOTHING  has to be apologized for, or changed. not a single comma. THIS study told the truth. Dr. Judy and Annette were sitting there calmly refuting all negative claims and answering all charges. WE have the truth on our side. The WPI can back up every claim. We need to write to the head of the NIH, Dr. Francis Collins and the NEW head of the CDC and ask them "what have you done today to REFUTE these scurrilous lies and half truths?
WHY are you allowing these buzzards to pick apart the WPI ?"
Until proven WRONG, the NIH and the CDC should be PUBLISHING every word that the WPI all stars are writing up, and our government should be FUNDING the WPI to the HILT, until they prove themselves wrong. The NIH and the CDC have been WRONG at every turn on these conditions for 30 years! The NIH and the CDC should be sending their BEST scientists and BUCKETS of money to the WPI, so that we can find out WHY so many people are soo sick and find out HOW we can fix them and get them back to paying taxes and being productive citizens again! 
Finally, it is OUR time, and we need to 
"kick off these ankle biters" and 
Fund the Winners! 2011 is OUR TIME!
We are NOT sick of being TIRED,  
We are TIRED of being SICK!
Peace to all men and women of Good will! and 
Beware all of those who try to deny the truth! 
The good guys and girls are going to win this time! 
PEACE! Ciao for now. TMH
 Guest blog, by request, from TMH~


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  1. I have goosebumps! I LOOOOOOVE this!

    I will send it to everyone! Thank you so much!

    My best Christmas ever!

    Bless all these folks; may they be enriched until the end of their days!

    GO WPI!