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Sunday, March 27, 2011

#108~ RE: Problem with Trine Tsouderos's reporting on XMRV

I attempted to comment on another bloggers post, but I guess today I must resemble Jerry Weintrab's autobiography, "When I quit talking then you will know that I am dead." Needless to say, it frustratingly kept telling me my reply was too long but instead of having a functional character count, as some reply boxes have so you could know how many characters you had left to use, it would only tell me at the end that I was over the limit.. I gave up and said I would reply over here..

So I urge you to read the Original blog First, so you will know what I am replying to , OK? If you have  a short comment to leave to Help the blog get ratings it would be appreciated. That blogger doesn't usually post often but when they do, they usually have put a lot of time into their research and are ON Target. Thanks for caring about this topic and helping to Stop the Inaccurate Biased reporting.

I am adding my longer comment below:

Let's start with the ongoing Dr. of the Original Incline Village cohort and his opinion as expressed in this short audio interview.
If Trine somehow missed Dr. Alter's slide, this might clear up any confusion of the facts..

Let's not forget to show her the video about Dr. Bell's kids and how after 20 years later ~ 70% of those tested on the first go-round, came up XMRV+. Gee that kinda matches the Science paper 67% I think ? Maybe upon further testing the numbers might also go UP higher ... Another specific cohort testing positive. 
And Dr. Bell thinks this will cause a Paradigm shift. Maybe she missed this tiny tidbit. 
Trine can hear and watch the video here:

Maybe Trine also skipped Dr Cheney's report last year about his cohort of patients that were also testing XMRV+ ?

I was also married to an Investigative Reporter that was a Capitol Correspondent which is why I am living in my state capitol and I know the difference between "valid legit journalism" and rag paper writing. Obviously both the writer and the editor are at fault here cuz the editor must not be informed and is MIA or asleep on the job like that Reagan airport traffic controller.
Either way the result is a sloppy job.

And since I have also tested XMRV+ by antibody that lets me know that I really am, cuz "you simply can not grow antibodies from any lab contaminants" .. unless the lab contaminants were in the lab that was preparing the vaccine you were given as a young child maybe ? humm

I also worked in a hospital for 17 yrs in the 70's-80's and was on our Hospital Health + Safety Committee and was our Rep. to go to the Conferences in San Francisco at at the height of the HIV outbreak.. so many of us know what a RV smells like, acts like and I have never yet seen one to cause health, quite the contrary.  By the way, XMRV has even been shown to be linked to Lymphoma 
(and originally Prostate Cancer) and that was what my mom died from.

Dr. Singh's patents are also building up and it seems that 25% of the breast cancer patients tested also were XMRV+. I can't wait for her paper to come out.. the spin rag writers will be going wild again... Think we are joking ? Here is a slice of her "dark colored breast tissue" that shows which parts are XMRV+

Oh yeah, it's also time for "The Band Play On" and Deja Vu for us 20 years all over again.. Let Trine read this and see just why we are so skeptical, because we have already seen this rerun and there really needs to be some new better factual reporters. Currently we seem to have only 2 that are after the truth. LOOK at the date on this one, please.... and check the Dr's names~

 The evidence is building up here, but where the "original contaminant" came from is what is in question. It was certainly NOT in any of the studies that resulted in published papers with positive results.. Whether it was a lab accident way back when possibly with the vaccines~  gee funny that many Gulf War Vets got ME/CFS  after all of the vaccines they were given, even a number of those that never actually went abroad.. Hummm

OR, even worse, maybe there was actually some biological scientific studies being done for bio-warfare purposes and the ticks and fleas that were meant to be the "carriers" accidentally got blown the "wrong way when a low barometric pressure came in and they were blown from Plum Island back onto the Mainland near New York where there have been documented Lyme outbreaks that are now testing XMRV+... Hummm

Whatever the fricken reason.. the bottom line is that we "are testing Positive" and legitimate medical research to help us needs to be done because a retrovirus, no matter how you got it, is a dangerous thing and needs to be treated ASAP. Got a headache take an aspirin, but what do people with retroviruses get currently ? Nada, unless they choose try some of the old HIV drugs because real current serious research to help us has NO Place to be budgeted for and done. Only HIV and HTLV-1 and 2 seem to be legit. Humm funny.. Wonder why ?

If Trine or Dr. Oz or any other wealthy politician had a new human retrovirus how much you wanna bet that the research money would suddenly show up ? Think they would wait for 25 yrs and for 17 million to get it ? I would not want to wish this illness on anyone, but seriously folks, someone had better start "getting REAL" pretty darn fast ! The lives this thing is costing, the $20 billion a year it is costing our economy, the families it is bankrupting, all of this because the CDC has watered down the definition that was only meant to be a description of the Original Cohort, and they have done nothing but water the real biomedical symptoms with psychological symptoms that might be side effects but certainly are most not primary causes of this illness. Had they cared to even follow the first 2 rules of good medicine at the time this would have not happened :
#1~ Take a good medical history 
#2~ Do NO Harm.
They have violated both of these.. 

They did not even care to talk to the patients in that original cohort, nor examine their symptoms, they only cared to look at the sterile negative test results, and because you can't test Positive for a test that has not been invented yet, they chose to make up new symptoms and funnel everyone over into the Psych dept. when they were the ones that should have been receiving the counseling. 

Obviously, they are not capable of disease control or prevention if they are not even willing to honestly evaluate the original patients of a particular cohort.. oh that's right.. they wanted to call it hysteria which would have no cohort.. another attempt to make this a woman's illness which it is not. The men that are testing XMRV+ take exception with this and I don't blame them.
(root word: hystera) 

Origin of HYSTERIA

New Latin, from English hysteric, adjective, from Latin hystericus, from Greek hysterikos, from hystera womb; from the Greek notion that hysteria was peculiar to women and caused by disturbances of the uterus
First Known Use: 1801

Viruses and retroviruses do not follow the rules of countries and obey "do not cross" any country borders. Why would M.E. be in Canada but not be able to cross not the USA ? Especially with today's convenient modes of distant travel for humans let alone birds or other insects.. why would a virus behave according to CDC limited thinking beliefs, duh ?
CDC the cohorts are showing up and now testing positive for XMRV. 

World wake-up.... I had 5 close friends die from AIDS, but even with AIDS only one life is taken. With ME/CFS and now with a retrovirus showing up in 4 of the original cohorts and many others that are being tested now, guess what? This IS contagious and you have been negligent for the past 25 years. 

The joke amongst we the patients is that "the Good News is: You don't have AIDS.
The Bad news is you don't have AIDS."

This disease will kill you 25 years earlier but will give you many other diseases along the way, cost you and our medical system a lot of money and frustration, you will be belittled and treated like you do not have any biomedical illness. 

They keep telling us "it's all in your head", but actually just like the scans Dr Cheney had done originally with his own  money up at Incline Village of the the brains of the Original Cohort, when showed to a friend of his that was  another Dr., that Dr. told him, "These look just like the scans of my patients.. and they have AIDS." So guess what, it's not all in our heads, close.. it's IN our Brains... Isn't that where M.E. goes ? Why have you not been looking there if you keep thinking it's in our heads Then SCAN THEM darn it... Enough of your double-talk and enough of this poorly researched reporting... 

Either "get the facts correct" or keep your computers turned off and do not publish any more pyschobabble cuz we have heard it all before.. and sadly for you we are not dead and we do remember things and the internet and laptops became mainstream and your errors have been documented whether CDC or reporter.

As another saying goes.. 
"It's either time to lead or get  out of the way"..

To the CDC is say:
"Take DOWN that CBT and GET junk off of your website." You are showing that you are still functioning in the 17th century by doing so. This is the 21st century. Please start behaving like a First Class Medical Research Facility or we will make sure you are replaced with one. You are digging your won grave and playing ostrich in the meantime. Discard that abomination that you call your "5 year plan" and put someone in charge of rewriting it that has some functioning brain synapses and dendrites. I think you have been "buying your own BS for far too long."

We even have many in the medical profession that have it because we have been on the front lines of where all of these viruses were.. Trust me, these people believe "really FAST" that this is not "all in our heads," because they like most of us were active and not depressed when we were suddenly struck down by this virus.

ALL of the Dr's that have Seriously worked with these cohorts have "Always Believed" that a virus was involved, and its time that everyone start waking up, before someone in your family gets it next.
The first job of a virus  is to infect, duplicate and spread.  Guess what~ Retroviruses are excellent at doing this because they get into your DNA. I believe that the CDC forgot this or does not want to face another retrovirus that they ignored and let spread. Their hands were full with HIV and so they let this one go because people were not dying "instantly."

Clearly, there are only a few leaders regarding this topic both in the medical research field and the reporting arena... and we know who they are.. and who they are NOT. 
At this point~ Trust MUST be Earned.

Those that want to have any serious honest constructive conversations with us on any topic know how to find us and we will be very open and willing to discuss things realistically.


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