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Sunday, April 18, 2010

#52~ Will you FIND us in TIME? MAY AWARENESS DAY

We are right in front of you, we even look like you...but you can not SEE us.
We have been here since the mid 1980's when HIV broke out and our friends died.
We have been here watching you ignore us and pretend that we do not exist,
We have been here "Crying Out for HELP" to Deaf Ears.....

Last year something happened tho that maybe made you HEAR our name !
There was a 3rd Retrovirus ever that was discovered to have a link
to what we have been going thu for the last 20+ years in darkness.
ONE Mother and Father could NOT take it any more..

Many of us do not have families left alive and many friends have already passed.
Many of us worked in hospitals helping the sick for MANY Years...
Yet many of us were the ones to get sick also when this illness broke out.
The rest of the world calls it M.E., but the CDC decided to give it a
low class name that eventually was nick-named the "Yuppie Flu"- NOT.

ME/CFS - A condition which can leave people bedbound
and paralized for years on end.
Can you imagine living like this?
We don't have to imagine, Its our reality...

We are STILL Here and We WANT to NOT be ignored any more.
There are now 4 million of us in the USA, 
and probably 10 million Carriers....
It has been estimated that there are 28 Million infected worldwide.
If XMRV IS the Cause.,.. Men BEWARE 
it "can cause" Prostrate Cancer also...

If XMRV is not our Cause then it certainly plays a part
in messing with our neuro immune system and getting them all confused.
What is this illness that YOU, the Public, and until now, YOU the CDC
are doing to the economies and mental health of the families
and care-takers involved in helping us Survive while you
twiddle you thumbs? aka while Rome Burns.. NOTHING.

Many of us do not even have medical coverage and the bills for
the families for Doctors that haven't even been trained to KNOW about
this illness is a flat out SIN and Disgrace. In fact a Prof trying to
teach about our illness in medical schools and on committees
was threatened with dismissal and others already HAVE been.

Sounds like the plan of "See NO Evil, Hear No Evil" is just
helping our neuro immune illness get worse and on top of that
might even be infecting the world's Blood Supply...

In addition to the few videos I have included here for your
education and enlightenment... 
Please take this moment to know that 
May 12th is ME/CFS/FM Worldwide Awareness Day and WEEK.

Please send this post to friends and family that 
you feel would benefit from this education...
and take a minute to download and
put a Blue Ribbon on your avatar (links are on THIS Blog)
or any other thing you wish to help SHOW that YOU
are wanting to Help us Find a CURE 4 ME,
so that Millions MORE don't have to suffers thru this
like we have been for the last 24 years....
maybe even one of your children or grandchildren ?

Thank You and Bless you for reading thru to the End
and I HOPE that you will stand with us to End this illness
that has also been linked with Autism, atypical MS,
endometriosis, Thyroid & Adrenal disease, and possibly
Lymphoma ~ from which my mother passed away.

This illness has been named ME/CFS which does NOT
do the havoc and destruction it wreaks of Injustice.
Thank you for doing your part to Help others "Be AWARE."

The ONLY Research institute in the USA currently 
TOTALLY dedicated to neuro  immune illnesses is the
Whittemore Peterson Institute in Sparks, Nevada.
http://www.wpinstitute  ~ God BLESS Them for Caring !!!

And Bless everyone that CARES about this illness as we 
WANT to be Healthy so we can work and HAVE lives AGAIN....
We may not be "your normal" but whatever can be done
to help us be even a little Better will Help the Economies
of the WORLD, cuz then we can be Functioning Citizens AGAIN
and even Giving BACK, and NOT be in Solitary Confinement
of the 4 walls of our bedroom like those on Death this 21st Century.


  1. Beautiful post, Mac. Made me cry. There is so much I want to do.
    Thanks for writing it down for us. i know how much it must have taken for you to get this together with your computer problems and all. Thank you.

  2. 李妍妮 I dearly HOPE you meant...
    Judge not of "Men and Women" and things at first sight ....♥♥♥ *cheers*

    Judge by our hearts and we are STRONG and will Publicize this around the World
    until the Public UNDERSTANDS it also
    is IN their Best interest, NOT just us...(hugs)