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Thursday, April 22, 2010

#53~ 40th Anniv. Earth Day~ Meds for XMRV? studies, World? blood supply

 As we Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day I pray that we 
Re-NEW our Care for the Earth herself AND all of her inhabitants...
Not ONLY the humans but also her animals and resources.
We ARE all one huge Eco-system and NEED to pay attention to what
is happening to ALL of us and what we are doing to our bodies and to the Mother Nature. May we please PAY Attention to what Mother Nature is telling us thru Science and how it is effecting not only our atmosphere but how in this new
21st Century whatever is done in one corner of the earth by humans effects
ALL of we can see by the spread also of all of the flus and viruses.
If it takes a Village to raise a child, Let's UNITE and Build this
World Village to Care for the Earth AND Our Health Worldwide..

We ARE indeed a world of dominoes now and in this jet age microbes and
people are traveling faster than ever....  

Please write your Governmental Reps, etc and let them KNOW you CARE
about BOTH of these issues and ARE watching HOPE the act in the 
BEST Interest of ALL of us.. and we ARE paying attention to HOW they respond...Thx. ♥♥♥
There have been some new XMRV studies undergoing in Utah that are progressing well and I know of at least one Positive that has shown up so
Carry ON  Dr. Lucinda Bateman..and Dr. Singh...

There has been some news out lately about some new research into older HIV drugs that appear to work on XMRV.. and the next step is to test this theory in animal research..before any human trial would be available.

Articles are now showing up about the research of older HIV meds being researched as a possible viable use against XMRV.  

PNAS article also

NOW ~ finally there is some talk about them actually paying attention to XMRV and the USA Blood Supply after the Recommendations of the CFSAC meeting Oct 2009.
There is a current article from the WSJ with some info about attention being paid to it. This is just the beginning folks, so we really NEED to write to the HHS and let them KNOW we WANT a standardized test to screen the blood supply. There are WAY too many XAND illnesses that don't show up until years later that we need to PREVENT...

Just like I am SURE Isaac Asimov would have appreciated the Blood Supply being screened for HIV back when he had a transfusion and many years later died because of the AIDS-tainted blood he has been given... He was told for YEARS to keep it QUIET, and then Arthur Ashe came out that he had AIDS and a few others and after Isaac's Dr's "were ALL dead" then his family was given the GREEN light to let the public know... NOT THIS TIME Folks...OK?

Wall Street Journal- Blood Supply Article

The Canadians are NOW asking people with ME/CFS "NOT" to donate to their Blood Supply... so we are spreading the news around... Maybe some ears ARE Opening ???

April 8, 2010: The WPI applauds the Canadian government for their response to the findings of a new human retroviral infection, XMRV, in patients with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Due to the serious nature of ME/CFS and the possibility of transmitting XMRV through blood transfusions, we believe that it is prudent to be cautious until the scientific community can conduct the necessary studies to determine the prevalence and risk of XMRV in those individuals with ME/CFS.
Read the story ("Canada bans blood donations from people with chronic fatigue," April 7, 2010) at Canwest News Service.

Well, the Tazmans and Australia are also following in rejecting ME/CFS from donating  Australian and in the Herald Sun in AU.
They are also now rejecting ME/CFS patients from donating blood
in New Zealand .

C.D. form the U.K. suggests:

UK people (and others, actually): please consider emailing NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) at to ask them if they are going to follow the lead of Canada, NZ and Aus in banning pwME from donating blood. You might also mention that the US AABB has banned donations from people who are XMRV positive and that a growing number of UK citizens are testing positive for this virus.

The NHSBT website is here.

And also SaBTO (Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs) @


Here's also a new video from the U.K. from an enterprising new filmaker
that has put together a well made documentary that says alot in the short
time that have for this clip...

ME Promo from Double D Productions on Vimeo.


Hillary's BACK ~ Yippeeee ~ from Osler's Web with new blogs.
Please Read her latest posted on this page in the Right Section-->

 Carry ON folks and we WILL GET Public Opinion on OUR side...
and THEY will be the ones to HELP US get the Governments off their backside
to protect their own backside...ya know??  
Let's Get the Public of the World involved, OK???
Seriously... they will be a HUGE part of our Help to protect themselves..and thereby help us.
Please make NOTE that I NOW have this blog set to be able to be translated into MANY languages so you may Feel FREE to send it to friends in other countries and then Simply ask them to use the Translate Button up at the Top to help them read the posts... Much Thx  ♥♥♥

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