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Thursday, April 29, 2010

#62~ NEW Members of the CFSAC, brief UPdate

As you ALL know by now the CFSAC will be meeting on May 10th, 2010 Wash DC
and it will be Open to the public and will be webcast.

Realplayer is required to view the webcast, and 
I "HIGHLY Suggest" you download it at least the day BEFORE and Make sure it works OK...
The meeting will also be archived for future viewing on the CFSAC website.

I have posted the hours and agenda in a previous post. 

Here's ANOTHER Testimony submitted  for the meeting:
The CFIDS Association submitted a 5-page written statement:
CEO Kim McCleary will attend the meeting and will present an abbreviated
form ( aka 3 minutes) of these recommendations during the public testimony.

NEW CFSAC Committee Members:

Dane B. Cook, PhD
Madison, WI
Term: 05/10/10 to 05/10/14 (new)

Eileen Holderman
Galveston, TX
Term: 05/10/10 to 05/10/14 (new)

Michael Houghton, PhD
Danville, CA
Term: 05/10/10 to 05/10/14 (new)

Susan M. Levine, MD
New York, NY
Term: 05/10/10 to 05/10/14 (new)

Gailen Marshall Jr., MD, PhD
Jackson, MS
Term: 05/10/10 to 05/10/14 (new)

Wow...5 NEW Members as of this next meeting Date?
I wonder who they are and what their credentials are?
And how much of the past CFSAC History they are familiar with? A little written background would be appreciated since they are Representing us, ya know?
A link with a brief Bio "would have been" REALLY Nice ♥
Do any of you know who these folks are? P_lease let us know if you do...OK? Thx

Please remember to get your Blue Ribbon for your online avatar so HELP Raise Awareness for ME/CFS/XAND ~ ASAP ♥


  1. Hey, cool! Dr. Levine is my doctor! Wonderful that she will be on the CFSAC now. That's great news!

    I submitted written testimony but haven't heard anything back. How do I know if my testimony was accepted and will be read at the meeting?


  2. I got an auto-reply last weekend, but that is all.. so I HOPE our emails make it to the written testimonies that will be recorded... and they are probably saving the actual "3 minute slots" for Annette Whittemore, Kim from CFIDS Assoc etc.. IMHO