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Saturday, September 26, 2009

#4- Rude Humans (Dr's) abound & bloggers

Well, TODAY I was "directly told" the RUDEST
comment yet... just proved again to me that
age has Nothing to do with maturity or sex.
To my benefit, I did NOT even waste one bit
of adrenaline on this person's insulting RUDE
comment... so for THAT I am Proud that I am
learning NOT to let my buttons get "pushed"
by ignorant comments and I am learning HOW
to Respond and NOT reAct to comments.
Obviously, this time it was "All in Their HEAD."

A person that has known me on a semi-pro
level for 5 years and knows the high level
of energy that I use to put into "one" of the
forums I run, probably has a "low functional
pre-frontal cortex" because of the comment
they made "out of the Blue" to me..after
even admitting that they were in pain and
on constant anti-inflammatory meds...

Some one you would THINK would have
a little compassion & tolerance for others
with any other medical challenges..but NO
this other human? made a crass comment
to me and said, " If you were a 
dog I would have you 
put down." 

Yes, you heard me correctly, and that
is a Direct Quote. Do you believe that?
And it has been a calm, nice , civil
conversation until that came flying out.

Gladly this person is NOT a counselor.
Unfortunately, this person IS in the 
Medical Profession... Believe it folks !
... and you wonder WHY I made the
previous comments I did... and we were
NOT even discussing ME/CFS but
drug manufacturers and how some
meds were being discontinued.

a Human Life and a Brain are a
Terrible thing to waste...
Human Life should be Respected and
Esp by someone that has taken an Oath
to "Do NO HARM." Obviously, THAT
comment was NOT meant to Help, was it?

Thank God/Goddess/Buddha/Gaia/Great spirit
whomever your God of Choice is ..
That THIS person is NOT your Dr.
But if THIS is the mentality of just
"one dr" that was not even my Dr and
I was NOT asking for any Medical Advise
can You SEE the LACK of Medical 
Knowledge that we are facing here folks?
Thank YOU~ AMA + CDC are doing a 
bang-up job of education for the 
medical profession.....NOT.

I am SO GLAD that I am getting better
at releasing any ill feelings towards
the lack of ignorance, which BTW can
be cured..if there is a Will to...
However Studpidity Has NO cure...
Obviously, someone that would make 
that sort of comment should NOT be 
IN the Medical Profession, Period.
That's all I have to say about it.

Welcome ME/CFS and FM bloggers.
I welcome all ME/CFS bloggers to
contact me if they wish me to add their
blog here OR if you know of any medical
articles you feel I should list here
for others to have access to Read & Learn.
As many people that have ME/CFS
also have FMS I am going  to start
a blog list on the Right side here,
of Bloggers that have FM so they can
have the exposure/Respect that they
also deserve.

May you Walk with your Head HIGH and 
may you show Respect for ALL Humankind.

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