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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

#8- Your ME/CFS "Push/Crash" Cycle

Many folks Just don't seem "to get" this
get a Grip on your personal version
of ME/CFS.

After having lived with this illness for
22 years now, I have lived thru this
cycle MANY times, have Relapsed many
times, and have been given the
Opportunity to "Get It" MANY times.
So I can NOT "stress" Enough to you
The true Value of Learning This Lesson
as EARLY as Possible... it will Help you
in the Long-run...OK?

Please read this  article and Believe
what they say.... They speak The TRUTH.
I am NOT trying to Promote their Products.
However I DO subscribe to their Newsletter
as they have many good articles....

May I suggest that you DO the 50/50
list and FOLLOW it... Please...
I do not want to quote all of their
article as I do not want to be accused
of plagarism, so please read it for
yourself and know from the many
I have been in contact with, they all
basically confirm what this article says..

May this be you chance to Live & Learn
HOW to live with you ME/CFS and not
Hate it everyday or let that Hate
consume you....Please..

Happy reading & LEARNING ♥

Your Push/Crash Cycle

..and may this lesson help you
either enjoy a Better winter or summer
depending on "Where in the ME/CFS world"
you literally are ;-)

I will leave the FM readers to
either write their blog or comment here
to let us know if they also have
experienced this SAME issue..OK?
I would also like to hear other
ME/CFS bloggers write about this
issue so we could see how others
respond or have lived this cycle,
OR you may ALL simply comment HERE
in case you don't want to write a
blog about this, OK...
I would be Happy to receive your feedback.

Give yourself THIS present "Before"
the coming Holidays....

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