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Monday, September 28, 2009

#7 Dr. Donnica Moore on ------- ⇆ "GMA" for CFS

Dr. Donnica Moore, women's health expert, 
featured CFS on ABC's GMA  aka 
"Good Morning America" last Friday. 

BRAVO, excellent interview and she 
REALLY finally got across info about 
the P.E.M. that differentiates us from 
"normal fatigue." So please listen to this 
interview and imagine yourself with this 
for 22 years and NO treatment yet 
because the CDC has been using a 
Wrong "Outdated Definition" of your 
illness. And How would you get ALL of 
these tests needed for the 
"Diagnosis By Exclusion" if you couldn't 
work and had NO Health Care, 
because you NOW had a Pre-existing 

Also she made it CLEAR that ALL of
us "have to have HAD" this for at least
6 months to even "Qualify" for the 
Diagnosis.. so NOT just "normal tired."

How would you feel?

Many  of us HAVE worked HARD
to NOT be depressed OR Give Up..
and to Work Harder now to have OUR
28 million Voices to be Heard.

I have managed to NOT get 
depressed by not only using CBT.
I did the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Before it was EVER even called that 
as just a person that wants to LIVE 
as a Positive person and NOT be "defined 
by my illness".. I have an illness
BUT it is NOT "me"...
Can you understand the difference?
Like I have a broken arm but 
I AM not MY broken Arm.

Also by taking 5HTP to helps as it 
is a pre-cusrsor for Seratonin
in the brain, and I personally do NOT 
want all of the negative side effects 
that being on a synthetic anti-depressant
can cause.

Actually one Dr. had put me on one
for a Secondary different issue,
and my current Dr. too me OFF it
so as, NOT to cause Heart problems
and the 5HTP works just FINE
naturally, and the original issue has
not flared up again.

Yes, I have noticed that there seems
to be 2 Groups, an older group and 
those that get it at a younger age,
However, the path seems to be the 
same with same progressions...
It just seems to suck at different ends
of the age spectrum, as the older ones
have already "HAD" some life lived
and the younger one are getting hit 
HARD cuz they are trying to complete 
school either primary grade school
or even high school/middle school.

Either way, the family & Support Group, 
be it friends or family play a HUGE part
in helping the patient get thru the 
replapses. If you don't have anyone 
then Support Groups or even fellow
ME/CFS patients on Twitter & FB
are building to be "chosen family"and 
helping us all cope with this nasty bugger 
that robs our energy aka mitochondria 
in the cells that produce the energy for 
each cell to function. Think of it as your 
car has NO fuel to help it GO.
We are constantly barraged with try 
this supplement, try this treatment, 
or this one...
All the while, as we have NO income 
or are draining family accounts during 
these hard financial times... or these
tests "already HAVE" drained accounts.

So next time someone tells you 
they have ME/CFS PLEASE know
that it is NOT "just tired."
..and Please have a little Compassion.
Treat them as YOU would want to be
treated...with Respect.

View the clip at

And Again---> & BRAVO to Dr. Doonica Moore 
and a BIG Thank YOU for helping to 
Raise Awareness for us... 

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