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Sunday, October 4, 2009

#10-many ME/CFS/FM can "also" have PTSD

Every day I seem to Learn something NEW that
amazes me, as a 22 yr ME/CFS patient, even tho
my cluster of symptoms is "Classic" to ME, due
to the lack of credible research/Respect for the
last 25 yrs by the CDC for their "so called CFS",
and only recently have some others come forth
with some truly enlightening info, so we have
been able to "get some Validation" about the
things we have been "feeling & suspecting"
for years now.

One of the phrases that particularly rang true
for me was: "I've had patients who met 
post-traumatic stress disorder criteria... 
where their trauma was their interaction 
with their physician around this illness. 
They came to a doctor with Chronic 
Fatigue Syndrome; they left the doctor 
with PTSD. 
         – Nancy Klimas, M.D.
Miami Herald, March 24, 2009

I have experienced that myself....
be it from either arguing over labeling me as
the Wrong diagnosis with an illness I displayed
NO symptoms of, to a 2nd opinion Dr. that was
 "suppose to be" the "enlightened one" but was 
FORCED to comply with the restrictions of the 
HEAD Dr that ran the medical group he was 
practicing within, thus his actions were limited 
and could not even do the things that Obama IS 
asking the Medical Profession to DO right now, 
and I was, like "confer with another Dr" so they 
could compare records and history so I could 
have what we call "Continuity of Care" and 
not be "made to" duplicate/rePeat everything
and we could ALL be on the same page...

Add in the many that have experienced 
"spousal abuse", that has also now been
by the Medical Insurance Industry as labeled as
"a Pre- Existing Condition", of what I say.?
Hello, yes, you've guess it.. PTSD...
aka years of battering and the "shock"
involved and stress to the psyche.

Because of the MANY that may not have
the external physical scars, but DO have the 
internal scars, I am also adding a wonderful
PTSD blog site (in the Right column) I have found 
that you might find will mirror many of the CBT 
and other therapies that many recommend for us.
And ADD to the list not only spousal abuse but
natural disasters, terrorism, war , medical 
dramas, sexual and child abuse, and the list 
gets HUGE.

Mind you these therapies can help us deal with 
the abuses that have been hurled in our direction
but they can NOT CURE ME/CFS and the 
physical "organ damages that it CAN 
cause" and HAS in many of it's 28 million

All of the issues surrounding the cause of 
the added PTSD is "in addition TO" NOT
the cause OF the ME/CFS...........Period.

Yes, it causes the ME/CFS to Flare,
and causes many of us to relapse, but these  
are/were totally separate issues, but can be 
related, because they ADD insult to the injury.

MOST Dr's seem as of yet, unable to distinguish
the chicken from the egg, although if they simply
would take and LISTEN to a GOOD HISTORY
it would help them make a differential diagnosis
a LOT easier...

The WHO categorizes us under
"G93.3 Postviral fatigue syndrome 
Benign myalgic encephalomyelitis", 
and it effects the Central nervous System
it is considered a Brain Disorder, but
it is NOT simply "all in your head."
Your Brain is your body's computer..
So it effects your Entire Body and 
ALL of its' related symptoms, and maybe
even for many other's organs, as we are
all ruled by our circuitry. 

As a matter of fact, after the 1st Gulf War the 
Medical head of the Army told  soldiers that 
presented with PTSD to tell their Dr's 
they had CFS and they would be treated 
appropriately, as PTSD was not being 
acknowledged at that time.

Please continually check the Links listed
on the Left, as I may add new ones in between
blog posts many times. Also, if you come across
a blog/website that you feel would serve our
community at large, either patients or those that
help us, please let me know and I will add it 
to the list for all to have access to, OK?

Till next time... Remember to be Gentle
with yourself... and Rest WELL ♥


  1. Hi I just found your blog through my google alerts.
    Do please read my story on my blog bottom right hand column and also the links top right and consider lyme Disease.
    Most people are unaware of the poppy seed size tick that bites them.
    Only 30% get the bulls eye rash.
    50% of blood tests are seronegative when patients have lyme.
    Doctors and consultants follow IDSA discredited guidelines.
    The above is a very interesting article from an ME/CFS specialist who has found many of his patients actually have lyme and on long term antibiotics get their health back as did I.

    Good luck in finding something that helps you.

  2. Thank you Joanne,

    I have known for along time that they have said that they thought that many of the symptoms of Lyme and CFS were similiar.
    I am VERY Aware of ticks and even get my dog
    vaccinated yearly for them.
    I am VERY Happy for you and it does give one HOPE, which is SO Important to Grab on tightly to and NOT let go.....
    I love your images and blog and have added your blog to my blogroll list.
    I grew up next door to a 65 year old Nursery and my mom could make a broomstick grow,
    so I love your garden and if you were closer I would be there daily. I also landscaped my yard and I have a number of slips from my Grandmother plants and one of them is a Cabbage Rose and thus I also have fallen in love with the Austin Roses. I tore out my water-wasting lawn and landscaped with plants for their floral beauty and scent. I also use them alot for my macro photography.
    That allows me a brief mental escape from my condition...altho I have had to find a helper with the maintenance. Did I see a Clematis amongst your images?
    Thanx MUCHLY for your comment.
    Nature can bring such beauty & mental stress relief into our lives. Like our plants may we all continue to Bloom and Thrive.