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Friday, October 16, 2009

#19~ Recent "Spin Dr" papers published

Thought you might like to see some of 
the papers that have recently been 
published "AFTER" the NCI, CC, WPI 
paper were published about XMVR... 
So these seem to be papers published 
to counter the "new" NEWS Headlines...
and IMHO these papers are..well... 
you know.. what's the phrase??  FOS?

Here's one that deals with the whether 
the patients chosen had to be determined 
IF they had some other disease "actually"
besides ME/CFS ..and of course, done 
on "rural" folks, not those of us that are
highly education, type A-s that were 
leading Productive BUSY lives and NOT 
depressed and NOT are NOW, even with 
this sucky illness....

"NEED" I "bother" to state that Reeves 
is  part of these?????? nuff said....

The 2nd one even goes MORE into the 
issue of whether there are Depressed 
Issues that need to be considered when 
dealing with CFS. IMHO... it is another 
re-directed  issue of "DENIAL" that needs 
to be addressed by these folks that 
"hand-pick" the patients that choose to 
interview, cuz maybe the ones that 
"KNOW the difference" & I, personally,
ReFUSE to deal with anything that 
includes Reeves in the title... 
always will... I don't give Private
Info to Spin Dr's that are in Denial 
and have already pro-conceived 
notions instead of remaining OPEN to 
the looking for NEW/REAL answers and 
"actively" looking for the TRUTH that 
contradictes the answers they 
Denied 25 years Incline Village !

CDC do U need 2cents to "Get a Clue" ??

NOT sure "IF" Enjoy is the correct 
word. However, please read these and 
let me know if I am way off base and
feel free to share your
comments, OK?

...and have a Great weekend where ever 
you are, and KNOW that YOU are NOT 
your illness and that you ARE "worth" 
MORE than the sum of your parts...
There IS a HUGE Group of us out here
that Support you... and we are NOT
Depressed, we are Angry at the Lack of 
Intelligent Research done by the CDC
over the last 25 years..and hurt by the 
denial and "choosing to mislabel" the 
28 million of us that have worked HARD
to stay SANE in the face of 
Federal Ignorance, by the Agency that
is charged with looking out for 

Can I Please request that those that 
have "not yet" signed the petition
for the CDC to "remove" the OLD
definition of CFS, please sign this
petition.....ASAP before the CFSAC
meeting Oct 29th !!! Please circulate
as much as you can, OK? *hugs*

CDC- "change the definition"


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