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Monday, October 26, 2009

#26~ THIS Thurs & Fri-Watch CFSAC meeting LIVE if you can

PLEASE Spread This Info FAR & Wide
Around the world... OK?

to get as many people as you can~
to get those computers online watching.
..and to HEAR what Dr. Peterson,
(he is alotted ONE HOUR) 
Dr Bell (alotted 30 mins)
and the CFIDS Assoc has to say during
their 5 min segment during the
"Public Comment" segment....

BLOWS my mind that CAA only is
relegated to a 5 mins of the Public
Comment section, as THEY are
supposed to be OUR Voice...
They sure have alot of clout, huh? NOT

OUR computers turned ON and tuned IN
will SPEAK a LOT LOUDER to the NIH..
So PLEASE turn every computer on 
that you can...OK?

Please watch if you CAN or even replay after
I will add the link for a time zone convertor
down below for your reference.

For those who won't be attending the
CFSAC meeting, be sure to tune in to
the LIVE webcast of the CFSAC meeting
on October 29th and 30th at the following

The schedule for the 2 day event is
located here: THIS Thursday & Friday

Day 1
*Day 1 LIVE online webcast*

Day 2
*Day 2 LIVE online webcast*

*The number of computers "logging on" 
and watching will be counted by the NIH. 
Let's make those figures 
count for something!*

For those who can't watch live,
archived videos will be available at:

Past Events

The meeting is taking place in
Washington D.C. so that is EDT
if you are in the USA.
If you are elsewhere around the
world we will NOT be changing back
from Daylight Saving Time this year
until Nov 1st, so Wash DC will still be
- 4hr GMT, so you can calculate
from there...

Time & Day World Clock

PLEASE Help us Blow their viewer
Numbers OFF the charts 
THIS year, OK?

Just so you Understand.....
This is a committee that is a Branch
of the USA Gov.~Heath & Human Services
Dept so this is REALLY Important to US
to get their ATTENTION... capiche?
If we can get on the Radar of  
HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
that would be a "real coup."

The "squeaky wheel" gets the grease..
Help us show them we NEED the Grease
THIS YEAR like NEVER Before...
Let's as they say...
"Strike while the iron is HOT."
If not NOW ~ WHEN ???

We've been HERE since before AIDS and
we'll be HERE after the Swine Flu...
Let's USE the Internet and 
show the Power of a Cause 
whose Time HAS Come.
28 million Voices will 
NOT be Silent Anymore.

Thanks for tuning in and Turning ON ;-)
Stay UNITED and 
Let's TURN the Volume UP.

GO Team~ XAND ?
accepting slogans now ;-)

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