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Saturday, October 10, 2009

#12- & NPR-interviews WPI re: XMRV


NOT some reporters text !!! BUT
from the "Mouths of the Researchers"

Video obtained when I spoke to KCRA
and they Uploaded it for me and emailed
me the direct link and I told her I would
be sharing the link on Twitter and my blog
for the 4 million in the USA, and the 
28 million around the world with
ME/CFS, and their families 
that need to know.. 

This was MY local TV news re: XMRV & CFS
with an interview of Dr. J. Mikovits ;-)
HUGE "Thanks" to Laura Linn Johnson,
News Editor,, for returning calls
and for "taking the time to listen to OUR saga"

KCRA.COM- TV report


NPR radio covers WPI, 
incl. Dr. Daniel Peterson,
Dr. Judy Mikovits and Annette Whittemore

Various articles-

(links to audio embedded on pages)

'All Things Considered' with Dr. Mikovits
and Annette Whittemore
- length: 03:37
"All Things Considered" interview

'Morning Edition' with Dr. Peterson
(includes transcript of interview)
- length: 04:34
"Morning Edition" interview

The funny thing is that I thought
I had married a reporter and now
I am re-reporting the news- LOL
But am SO extremely Happy to be
doing so after 22 yrs of drought
and ridicule.. This is definitely 
"a Eureka Moment."

May you bask in the glow until they 
find some meds that WILL Help us.

Finally for all of those that kept saying
"it's all in your head" we can say....
"If that's what you believe, then that's
what's true for you, but it may have
nothing to do with Reality."

Peace-out ;-) Rest WELL

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