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Thursday, October 29, 2009

#28~ a little new Paradigm history before the days of XMRV

For those that have NO understanding of
what ME/CFS is and want to gain a little
knowledge of some of the technical lingo
of what we deal with, and some of the
symptoms, and some of the theories....
I thought I would present for you some
of the info we have been working with
until now...Many of us have these
symptoms and YES as he says....
This disease IS Progressive...
REPEAT That Please....
This disease IS Progressive...
NO ONE seems to understand that yet.

Before we listen to the CFSAC meeting
in about  6 hours, and what Dr Peterson
has to say.. which I am most excited to hear....
It will still be "just a  part" of what we need
to work on to CURE us of all of these symptoms
and damage for those of us that have had
this for 20+ years...

Many of us that have NOT stayed Horizintal
as Dr Cheney advised, already have some
organ damage. Time will only tell HOW MANY
different forms of therapy/meds/treatments
we will need if we are to Actually be cured.

My gut tells me that with SO many viruses
of all kinds... average and retro attacking us
that we will need to kill some of them first
and then maybe follow up with some sort
of stem cell treatments to make things
"whole & well" again... Some Dr's are
"already" using this approach....
ALL of this, of course is "Experimental"
and won't be covered by ANY type of
Medical Coverage.. if you find one that
DOES, Please let us know ASAP, OK?

So until Friday, keep those computers
tuned in and turned ON to the CFSAC 
meeting so that our numbers can be 
counted.. OK?

If you don't think that we NEED our Voices
to be LOUD, United & HEARD, please read 
the lastest post by Cort (with addendum)
Bringing in the Heat:
1)  Teflon Woman
2)  The Alpha Dog

Thanks Cort for your ALWAYS Informative
and Educational posts...
I have him in the list to the Right -->

So stay CALM the next 2 days, take notes
and get ready to post & blog on Friday..

OH, last minute news...
Dr Judy Mikovits just spoke on Wed. 10/28
at the University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA)
*possible film soon*
and on Thurs she will be at the
University of Florida, so more news
will be coming from those locations
also I hope..

OK sleep hard & quick...
CFSAC starts in less than 6 hours..
Nite-all ;-)

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