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Monday, October 12, 2009

#14~ The XAND Revolution will NOT be Televised

Yup, you've heard it before and now we are
saying it again. The Revolution will NOT be
Televised. It will be Tweeted & blogged &
Facebooked,  and this one IS being done
just so...

Thank Goodness for the invention of
the internet and laptops. I never thought
I would say "Thank You" Steve Jobs AND
Bill Gates, but I am.. Because of them,
all of us, sick in our beds ARE ABLE, even tho
Disabled but not "Officially" because of
the 25 years of lack of respect from the
CDC, and the mis-naming aka slander-naming
of our illness by them, but with
Private Research and an Army of Bloggers &
Tweeters & FB users, we have spread the
word around the World and "WE are Uniting"
and it is WORKING.

Please read the blog post listed below
COMPLETELY all the way Down... and you
will see what I mean..INCLUDING the
Comments, OK? We HAVE already
effected History.. by our Tweets and our
blogs. GO Team...Don't STOP Believing..
But our job has Just begun..
"The Guilty" are running from the eggs
that are about to cover their faces..
They will either try to disclaim the
New Research or US again...
Do NOT let them Silence OUR Voices !!!

The Universe IS Providing... as the song says,
"Hold ON, I'm coming.." hang  in there..
You've heard the slogans Before but NOW
maybe they apply to YOU for the 1st time?
"Our Army United, can NEVER be Divided."

So Thanks again to the WPI for ALL
you have done. You have given us HOPE
again..That is a Miracle in itself.. Thank
you Andrea and Annette and Dr Peterson for
Persisting and Thank You Dr. Mikovits for
all of the hard work you and your team
HAVE and will be doing...
Can you hear the 56 million
Hands-clapping for your work?

OK, you ready to read?
If you haven't heard yet...
Listen to the voice of one who also has
been here with us all along this Journey.

Hillary's blog

And a "Shout Out" for Fund-Raising
for the Whittemore-Peterson Institute
to Provide $ for Faster Research for
testing and studies..

Whittemore-Peterson Institute

Ok, that's all the news that's fit to
print today.. Time for me to rest now..
Before we start again tomorrow ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Great post yes the patients will drive this as is also happening with Lyme.
    You may find the latest post on my blog interesting Pam Weintraube writes Chronic fatigue to Lyme.

    XMRV will revolutionise the way people look at chronic ill health. There is no putting this Jack back in his Box, but I wish someone would with Wessley.