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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#22~ Free Tidbits from Dr Cheney Research

I am hoping that we can find a way
to contact Dr. Cheney and let him see
that with holding info from already
gouged and belittled ME/CFS patients
that are already having to decide
between meds & food after YEARS
of no help, no insurance, no disability,
many no family, etc etc, is actually
MORE Mental if you figure
out a way for us to contact him PLEASE
let me know...

in the meantime here are some tidbits
from his NEW research site...
He updates them frequently so I will
try to add them to the list on the side
and see if they update. If not, you'll
just have to check back about once a week
and see if he's uploaded a new one..

I see that there is info on many different
even within his paid section, so we CAN
get some info just not ALL of it...
I know this "sucks" but I know he
needs the Research money also...
...what to do???

In the meantime we can gleen
what we can from his expertise & research
and see if we can find a way to maybe
talk him into not penalizing the patients
that have already suffered enough
for the last 25 years...

So here are the different links
with some info I have located:

Public blog 

Subscriber's Intro


CFS Diet


Hormones in CFS

Stem Cell Therapy 
This tells me he IS using
Placental Stem Cell implants


XMRV- evolution, flu shots, etc

I know this probably leaves you
with MORE Questions..
But hopefully it also gives you
a bit more info...
Some days we live by the Nuggets that
are tossed in our direction and we try to
make sense of things like good detectives do.

I am posting these  NOT to frustrate you
but because I found some Nuggets that
answered a few things for me and I sincerely
hope that you will also... if you ARE able
to subscribe to his newsletter, I sincerely
HOPE that you will reply to my posts and
maybe feed us some MORE additional
nuggets to let us piece this puzzle that is
our lives a little more together...

Knowledge is Power...
may we gain a little more EVERY Day.

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