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Friday, October 9, 2009

#11- we ARE the NEWS------------> "XMRV" a link to MECFS

Yesterday, ALL Day in the USA and even
today in the UK news Headlines
WE "are" the News...

A New 3rd Retrovirus has been determined to
be linked almost 95% to ME/CFS patients.
I am currently TOO exhausted due to working
all day to spread the news around the world
getting it out to the 28 million of us via Twitter.
I Tweet with ME/CFS patients in Canada,
the U.K., Australia, New Zealand,  Belgium,
Germany and more..

Let me just refer you to 2 articles
so you can read the medical part
and a patient blog that both sorta
sum it up at the moment.

Sum it up to say that after 22 years
and if you refer to my post #3 you
will understand WHY this is REALLY
BIG News for us ALL and many more..

exhausted and sore I leave you now
with 2 articles....

if you want MORE just Google
" XMRV, chronic fatigue syndrome"
and the list will be LONG that pops up.

Game Changer

Whittemore-Peterson site
also check out the News &
Q&A section.

If this were the SETI project...
Our voice is going to be Heard now..
We ARE on the radar ;-)
Please spread the Word, OK?

Kinda funny that this is the SAME DAY
as NASA will be exploding a rocket
INTO the Moon, and just now
Breaking news...
Pres. Obama wins the
"Nobel Peace Prize."
Definitely a History making Day!

1 comment:

  1. Marvelous news. The patients knew all along that it was a physical illness. Lets hope someone gags Wessley for good after all the damage he has done to the ME/CFS world.

    I find it particularly interesting that it is a virus crossed over from the animal world. Hmm now I wonder how that happened?

    Lets hope at last ME/CFS gets the research money it desreves to help so many sick people.

    I hope you have a good rest and start to feel better soon.