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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#21~ Dr. Oz., Dr. Donnica Moore, CFSAC

Howdy again,

Well, the news coverage is continuing...

This coming Friday we will have
Dr. Teitelbaum on the Dr.Oz TV show...
not sure how much he can add since
he isn't up on the latest..??? but at
least we will get more Media Coverage.

I also noticed that DrOz changed the
"expert comments" he had on his
CFS page... but NO mention or article
yet about XMRV or WPI.. hummm.....

Remember he Tweets as @DrOz
if you have anything you want to
share with him...

Yesterday morning tho, we also had
Dr. Donnica Moore on ABC's GMA aka
"Good Morning America" with a follow up
to her video of a few week's ago where
she talked about the PEM aka "Post
Exertion Malaise" that ME/CFS patients
got after any kind of exertion and that
it was NOT the same kind of tired after
a normal person's exertion..

This time she was back to talk about
the WPI discovery of XMRV.
Great Comments and Thanks
Dr. Moore... "BIG Hugz"

Dr. Donnica Moore on GMA pt 2

Also, I have found out that
Dr Daniel Peterson will be attending
the CFSAC meeting Oct 29th
to talk about XMRV & CFS.
Please check your local time
for streaming LIVE online coverage
like they did last year.. OK?
..and Sign that Petition about the
CFS definition ASAP before the meeting..

CFSAC Agenda-Oct 29 & 30th

Oh, my 2cents about the supposed
lab test for XMRV that I hear might
be ready soon....
Much ado has been made about it..
#1) Last I knew that had not set a Price
      for the test kit yet..
#2) Unless you already HAVE a Dr that
      is good at treating HIV/AIDS and
      familiar with retroviruses I'm not sure
      how much good this "early" test will
      do for you... If you have a Good Dr.
      Then I say GO for it...
#3) Dr. Mikovits said she would Announce
     when they had a test READY and then
     she will work with a local lab to make it
#4) As most of us don't even have a decent
     Dr that can believe in ME/CFS I will wait
     for the test that Dr Mikovits approves and
     then get it done.. She feels they are NOT
     That far away from getting one ready....
#5) Now that we are on the Public "radar"
      map, please Beware of the Scammers
      out there that will already be "targeting us"
      as they KNOW we are Desperate for Help

In the meantime, please add your comments
and any info you find "HERE", to share with
others, OK? I am trying to add things I find
on the Right column so we can have things
in one location..

Also, if you know of anyone with ME/CFS that
is an artist/crafter that blogs about their art
and uses it as their own form of Art Therapy,
even tho they maybe didn't even ever think
of it as that, I have created a section for them.
We all need to find Beauty and Solace
where ever we can and I am a BIG Believer
in Art Therapy to soothe the Soul...

Also, if you have a Blog about ME/CFS or
even FM or any other Invisible Illness,
let me know and I'll link to you and you can
link to me if you wish. That way we will have
more link-backs to make Google Happy ;-)
I Tweet as "ME_CFS_unite"

We still need to cope while they do more
cheers  & *hugs* to all of you....

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