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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

#17~ XMRV, Where does it come from, What does it Cause?

So many questions at this point and
so few answers.. Reminds me of that
"The more you know, the more you
know you don't know..."
Reminds me of the dog chasing it's tail.

With that in mind, here's another
take on our dilemma, again raising
all of the MORE Questions aka the
SAME ones we ALL have....

This XMRV:
Where does it  come from?
How did I get it?
What does it actually Cause?
When will there be a test for it?
etc, etc, etc...

At least WE ARE Getting PRESS
and as they say in Hollywood
where I grew up.....
"Any PR is Good PR" at least that
means they haven't forgotten you...
For 25 years we've been fighting that.
Being ignored, invisible, " IAIYH " phrases
So this Press is indeed ~ WELCOMED.

So here's the latest article
from WebMD...
Everyone has to get their 2cents in.
Ain't it Great? I do NOT remember
when SO many news outlets or
news wires had to do an article
about us..

Of COURSE, this took Private
Research $, NOT from the CDC or anything
related to Reeves or Weasely...
In 2 yrs these folks did what it has taken
the CDC 25 years NOT to do..
And how much you want to bet
Reeves is now back-peddling as fast
as he can, playing "Spin Dr" on the
news circuit trying to discredit
these findings... Sorry Charlie
TOO many other Dr's have also
been working ON THIS Same Project.
So try to duck the egg ON your face..
Don't look in the mirror, but WE see it.
We've seen it for a LONG Time..

OK, enough blog space wasted on
an ineffective bag of wind...

Here's the  article...

WebMD_ 10 million might be Carriers

Please remember to Support the WPI
so they can do Faster Research and
Hello ;-) Maybe build their building? ;-) 501c3

*cheers* to Tomorrow....


  1. Love your blog and completely agree with you about all the press. I'm sure as you state, that Reeves is probably doing some serious back peddling but who cares if what they have discovered only reinforces his complete and total incompetence.

  2. Thanks much♥ Had a rough last few days...
    The storm that rolled thru here, felt like it rolled over me..and wiped me out.. Wanted to get this next post out...ASAP, so MANY could read about the stealing of our Research money and what we've been thru Around the World. Tom that wrote this is from Ireland, so we need WORLD input on this before the CFSAC meeting 10/29 when Dr Peterson will be there to make his presentation. Hope I can figure out a way to watch it LIVE online..
    I think I did the last time they met...
    Thanks for your encouragement...
    It means A LOT..♥